aespa – Better Things

The girls of aespa are serious about creating a space for themselves in the very competitive music industry, and with every release, they find their people wherever they are in the world. With the amount of catchiness and feel-good vibes imbued in “Better Things,” I doubt any k-pop lover will miss this single, not even if they were hiding under a rock. And it’s not just about pleasing their current fans, I bet new people will be looking for the aespa fan membership line once they’re done playing this song for the fiftieth time.

I got better things to do with my time than you,” they sing in the track that’s oozing self-confidence.

I was never sure that I loved you / But I was always sure that you would let me down / Wasn’t ever sure if I trust you / But I am so goddamn sure my energy is just too precious to waste,” Winter and Giselle sing in the first verse of not having the time or the energy to waste on a love that won’t work out.

“Better Things” presents a perfect mixture of boss girl energy and having a great time living life and being successful at it. “aespa, big girls making money / aespa, you’re a number one fan / Now you can only see me at a sold out show,” they sing.

aespa’s new songs have been more natural since they announced that they’re leaving the virtual world for the real one, and it’s fun hearing the girls harmonize without the heavy vocal manipulation that has always been present in their previous releases.

Since their debut in 2020 with the hit single, “Black Mamba,” aespa has managed to maintain relevance and even compete with reigning Queens like Blackpink and Girls’ Generation for dominance. Made up of four members, Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning, the group made history when their debut video hit 100 million views on YouTube, becoming the most for any K-pop group in history.

Since then, they’ve gotten attention from the likes of Forbes, Teen Vogue, and Rolling Stone, with TIME praising them as the “next generation leaders.”

This year alone has seen them perform a hit song for the Apple Original Film Tetris. The addictive techno track “Hold On Tight” made use of the theme tune from the famous game Tetris, with the lyrics touching on the protagonist’s tough journey through Tetromino. They followed it up with the release of their much-anticipated EP My World, which spurned successful singles like “Welcome To MY world” “Spicy,” both of which reached the top three on the Circle Digital Chart. The group is known for their captivating beats, delightful vocals, and dance and R&B melodies, which shone through in “Better Things.”