Addison Rae – 2 die 4 (feat. Charli XCX)

Addison Rae is back in her pop era following the release of her debut single, “Obsessed,” and the leaking of several songs from what she calls her “Lost Album.” It’s been two years since she played at being a popstar and she’s so ready to add another chapter to her musical stardom. Rae’s musical career may have been unconventional, but she determined not to leave behind songs from a bygone era even as she looks forward to the future of her music. And let me tell you, fans are happy for it.

With the help of Charli XCX, Rae released “2 die 4” from AR – the record made up of songs from her scrapped debut album. Her collab with Charli could have easily been foreseen as early in 2021, when the pop maestro praised the TikTok star on Twitter, writing, “She’s great. She comes with great lyric concepts. They all sound like vroom vroom lyrics. It’s super cute. I think she a great popstar.”

After not officially releasing any songs in two years, Rae announced plans to release new music for the first time earlier this week. On August 14, Rae shared the album artwork, which is a picture of her blowing a piece of pink bubble gum, and captioned it, “dug up a few of the leaks from the lost album AR 8.18.”

As promised, on August 18, the album arrived alongside previously teased and leaked singles “Nothing On (But The Radio), “I Got It Bad,” and “It Couldn’t Been U.” Soon after the release of “Obsessed,” multiple Rae songs started leaking online in the form of demos. However, in anticipation of this release, those stray links have been deleted.

“2 die 4” is a chirpy pop song about finding someone who really values you, in short, someone who thinks you’re to die for. “I’m that girl you don’t wanna lose / Cutthroat from my head to my shoes / One look and I’m already your muse / Hold on to me tight when I move,” XCX sings in the second verse.

Staying true to the new pop trend to make very catchy songs barely last two minutes, “2 die 4” clocks in at 2:06 and features memorable lyrics designed to get stuck in one’s head. Six writers, including Rae, XCX, Madison Love, and Leland contributed their expertise to the song.

“There are endless opportunities for me to showcase myself as an artist now. But like I said, I’m learning. I am by no means a professional at this. I am by no means perfect at any of this,” Rae told Rolling Stone in 2021 about her desire to branch into music.