Zayn – Love Like This

A new era is dawning for former One Direction member Zayn, and his fans are more than willing and ready to receive it. The star launched the new era after appearing on the Call Her Daddy podcast, which became his first interview in six years. During their conversation, he dived deep into topics fans have no doubt been aching to hear him discuss for almost a decade: the reason he left One Direction. He followed the bombshell interview up with the release of “Love Like This,” – a song he called a “standalone jam” that’s feel-good and reminds one of summer.

“Love Like This” is a departure from the 30-year-old’s signature R&B sound to embrace a more upbeat UK pop and Garage feel, and it marks his first musical endeavor since 2021’s Nobody is Listening. In the song, Zayn praises his lover as someone he can count on, as well as for her physical attributes, like the hips and the hair.

After admiring his lover’s many beautiful attributes, he moves on to say that he doesn’t want to waste any time making a move to keep her. “Everything is on the line, but I would rather be dead / If it’s gonna mean a life that’s lived without you, baby,” he sings of his level of devotion.

In the chorus, he goes on to tell us that “usually, I never wanna jump like this” but he would this time because he “cannot go back.” 

He first previewed this new era on his Instagram in late June, following it up with a couple of teasers throughout the coming week. On July 14, he officially announced the single. “Love Like This” is a summer tune I’m very proud of and excited for the world to hear. I’m working on my new album currently that is coming soon, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s next,” he said of the single paving the way for his upcoming album.

Zayn joined forces with prolific writer and producer Jon Bellion, Michael Pollack, Stefan Johnson, and Jordan K. Johnson to pen the single. The accompanying music video sees Zayn experiencing love so full and beautiful, it made him levitate off the ground. The video also shows him kissing his love interest, played by actress Grace Dumdaw, multiple times.

This is Zayn’s first release since parting ways with his former label RCA Records in 2021 and inking a deal with Island Records in the UK and Mercury in the US. Needless to say, fans appreciated the single and the way his voice beautifully complemented the song’s heartwarming lyrics.