will.i.am x Britney Spears – Mind Your Business

Everybody wants a piece of the will.i.am and Britney Spears collab, literally. Since will.i.am teased the surprise single with a 15-second snippet, it has got fans wondering whether the time has finally come for us to get our pop princess back.

“Mind Your Business” is Spears’ first musical offering of the year and her third collaboration with will.i.am following 2011’s “Scream & Shout.” Once again everyone, “It’s Britney bitch!” The single was teased on Monday by the Black Eyed Peas member – mere days after Spears put a title, cover picture, and release date to her highly anticipated memoir. The clip also advised fans to watch out for it the following day, which would be Tuesday, July 18.

However, fans waited the entire day and there was no new will.i.am and Spears collab to greet them, even though giant publications like CNN and PEOPLE covered the news. In another social media post, Will.i.am addressed the mistake by actually announcing that it will be dropping on Friday, July 21, instead of the Tuesday his original post hinted at.

Finally, slowly but assuredly, Friday came around, and “Mind Your Business” was released. I guess the level of expectation I put on the track and the excitement it caused in me kind of backfired because I was very disappointed on hearing the song for the first time. I certainly didn’t care much for a second listen. It is a bop, yes, but it isn’t a very good one. In fact, I thought it was a bit of a wasted potential because it could have easily been more.

“Mind Your Business” sees will.i.am and Spears take a swipe at people who are obsessed with the lives of other people rather than concentrating on living theirs. The track starts off by introducing us to things gossips typically want to know about a person’s life: “Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? Where she at? / There she go, there she go, there she go, there she go, there she go / What she do? What she do? What she do? What she do? What she do?”

Spears then notes the rabid attention she receives from the media due to her social standing as a global star, singing, “Uptown, downtown, everywhere I turn around / Hollywood, London, snap-snap is the sound / Paparazzi shot me, I am the economy.”

The single is said to have been originally recorded in 2013 for the star’s album, Britney Jean, which saw Spears working together with will.i.am and Myah Marie.

So it seems we would have to keep on waiting for a modern-day Britney Spears song that isn’t a remix or from over a decade ago.