TOMORROW X TOGETHER & Jonas Brothers – Do It Like That 

Oh my God, this is the collab we didn’t know we needed. Can you blame us for voting it the best new music of the week on Billboard? And believe me, their contenders were very powerful ones. I mean an 89% vote in a category featuring Taylor Swift, Rauw Alejandro, and a Cardi B collab? Once you listen to it, it’s going to be extremely hard for you not to hit the replay button. But boy would I want to be the one receiving those beautiful praises that make up the lyrics of the song.

With thumping basslines and heavenly harmonies, TOMORROW X TOGETHER‘s upbeat track, “Do It Like That,” with the Jonas Brothers, from prolific producer Ryan Tedder – I’m talking about the Tedder behind OneRepublic’s “Counting Stars” and Beyoncé’s “Halo” – is the real feel-good song you need whenever you feel like you can’t get people to dance on top of their cars just by your presence.

“You get me so off track, yeah / Been spinnin’ for miles / But I think that you like that / Can’t deny it,” Nick Jonas kicks off the song, with Joe Jonas leading the pre-chorus, before the three brothers join their voices together in the chorus.

The dance pop song describes the feeling you get that moment you fall in love with someone. Since humans are so very conceited, we often tend to think that whoever we’re falling in love with is the best in the world, and the song perfectly captures that feeling. In fact, its most iconic line is a highlight of that: “You rockin’ that fit / That’s makin’ all them strangers smile.” What screams harmony better than eight great singers joining their voices together on one epic song?

Penned by COLETON RUBIN, Grant Boutin, and Ryan Tedder, the single was accompanied by an exhilarating music video featuring all of TOMORROW X TOGETHER members, including the Jonas Brothers. Within three days, the video managed to bring in 16 million views and looks set to debut at a comfortable spot on various charts across the globe.

“Do It Like That” is the first piece of music from TOMORROW X TOGETHER after the release of their February single “Goodbye Now.” If you want to know more about TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s world, you can certainly catch up with them when upcoming concert/tour documentary, arriving on Disney+, debuts later this month.

The Jonas Brothers heavily promoted the song to their fans with various posts containing snippets of the song’s lyrics. “You sending signals and them waves go far,” Joe shared, with Nick following it up by sharing the same pictures from Joe’s post and adding, “You’re bringing my life back, yeah, you’re doing it in style.”