The Chainsmokers & Shenseea – My Bad

The Chainsmokers’ fifth album is going to be hot, if we’re to judge from their latest single, “My Bad,” with dancehall superstar Shenseea. The song is about a love that you can’t control, whether you want to do so or not – or perhaps the kind that makes you feel as if you’re doing something wrong. In “My Bad,” the Chainsmokers remind us that they’re still the ultimate duo when it comes to making bops that steal our hearts, even if they’re breaking it.

“I know we set rules, but what can I do? / I think of your body when I’m back in my room / Maybe I’m confused, you’re giving me clues / Alone with my thoughts and now they’re all about you,” Andrew Taggart, one half of The Chainsmokers, sings in the opening verse, with Shenseea coming in at the pre-chorus to sing, “Don’t go thinking like that, you know I want you so ba-bad.”

Taggart clarifies that falling in love with the person wasn’t a choice he made, as he sings, “My bad / I didn’t mean to fall in love like that / And you don’t even have to say it back.”

Shenseea’s part is a continuation of the unrequited love story Taggart has been telling, rather than being a back-and-forth like most duets. “I know what we said, sometimes I forget / When I’m around you, you just have that effect on me / It’s hard to be friends only, I just want your hands on me / Tired of talking, want your lips on my neck,” Shenseea sings.

The Chainsmokers teased the single release on July 19, mere days before its release on July 28, with two images featuring The Chainsmokers with Shenseea. Later on, they wrote, “ok we are finally done with vacation back to work. “My Bad” with @SHENYENG out on friday.”

The single was written by Adam Melchor, Alex Pall, Andrew Paggart, Caroline Ailin, Dizzycleanface, LOSTBOY, and Shenseea, with the Chainsmokers and LOSTBOY serving as the track’s producers.

“My Bad” is accompanied by a music video that sees Taggart and Shenseea making out in a car, despite the fact that it’s on fire. At certain points, we see them continuing to make out even though the car is now tumbled over.

The electronic dance music was praised by fans as a fantastic comeback for the producer duo, with one writing, “MY BAD! I didn’t mean to fall in love WITH THIS SONG!” Others agreed that it sets a nice stage for the upcoming album.