Spencer Sutherland & Meghan Trainor – Chicken Little

Finally, a song that doesn’t want to be taken seriously. If you’re looking for a single that’ll tell you to have fun being broke and that someday it might actually make you plenty of money, this is the song for you. From the day rising star Spencer Sutherland shared a snippet of the song, fans have been patiently anticipating the track.

He also played the song during his tour and previewed it several times on TikTok, where fans’ reactions have been epic, with a group of his fans even preferring to be known as Chicken Littles.

Sutherland wrote “Chicken Little” within 45 minutes, with the name being a placeholder title at first. When Meghan Trainor heard the demo, she loved it so much that she decided to hop on the track and recorded her part in one go.

The song is about learning to take life with the metaphorical pinch of salt, because “you won’t make it out alive, even if you try.” At the end of the day, at least you can look back and enjoy the fun memories you created. In the bridge, Sutherland and Trainor sing, “One day when I am old / I’ll have my money, I’ll have my soul / When they ask if I’m ready to go / I want them to know / Don’t take life too serious, because we all die.”

“[Chicken Little] is a song about looking in the mirror and laughing because everything is going to be ok and also not ok!” Spencer says of the message behind the song. “I am so honored to have Queen Meghan Trainor on this song. She adds so much glitter and talent to this track, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Meghan Trainor adds: “This collab is all thanks to Arjan Timmermans from Apple, who was the first person to tell me I had to meet Spencer Sutherland. I looked him up and immediately became his new number-one fan. Spencer and I got together and he showed me some of his music, and as soon as I heard ‘Chicken Little,’ I was obsessed. It is just such an anthemic song (which are my favorite songs) and Spencer is so incredibly talented. His vocal skills are out of this world. I’m so lucky I got to work with him.”

The single is accompanied by a music video that sees Sutherland swagger in and transforms a mundane laundromat into a disco, with an animated Trainor appearing on TV.