Rita Ora – Don’t Think Twice 

Don’t think twice about listening to Rita Ora’s infectious new single “Don’t Think Twice.” Well, do think twice if you’re not looking for a feel-good song that’ll get stuck in your head all day and force you to replay it more times than is absolutely necessary. I’ll be surprised if this single isn’t explosive, because I can just picture this song taking over our minds this summer.

“Don’t Think Twice” sees Ora sing about letting go of all doubts and reservations to trust and fall in love with someone fully. “We’re already past temptation / We’ve already crossed that line / And, baby, when you saw me naked / I’ve never felt more alive,” she sings in the first verse, before going on to add that what she really needs is all of her partner’s love.

Sharing the beautiful message of what it’s like to unreservedly fall in love and let go of any and all fears, “Don’t Think Twice” is the perfect follow-up to her single, “You Only Love Me,” which, in contrast, is about fearing that someone may not love us in the way we think they do.

The chorus is catchy to the max that you find yourself capable of humming the tune just after one or two listens. This track could well be the perfect soundtrack to a fairytale movie or a beautiful real-life love story. It is danceable, it makes you want to give love a chance and it’s happy. In a way, it represents everything we wish love is.

In the single’s accompanying music video, Ora drives herself to a ghostly forest. Rocking denim shorts and a red sweatshirt, which she later exchanged for a white one – long story, do watch the video for context – she is seen exploring the place. At one point, Ora starts dancing, and we see someone else – a male obviously – dancing along with her. Other versions of herself are also seen moving around; she even got to unmask a mystical version of herself.

Taika Waititi directed the music video, which was shot in New Zealand. The visuals and imagery are said to channel Katherine from Wuthering Heights, with the concept being that Ora is trapped in a ghostly forest within a dystopian world.

Speaking on the song’s message via a press release, Ora said, “Don’t Think Twice” is about not thinking twice and just jumping in, romantically. You only live once, so it’s really about seizing the moment, and not being held back by thoughts of what might or might not happen.”