Oliver Tree – One & Only

“One & Only” is the second single to be released from Oliver Tree’s third studio album, Alone in a Crowd. Tree first debuted the song live on June 10 at the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City. On July 15, he shared the song’s runtime on iTunes prompting fans to predict that the single will be dropping soon. On July 19, he teased the music video and promised to drop it immediately after the comments on the post exceeds ten thousand. On July 20, the song and the music video arrived, with fans praising its lyrics and the not-so-normal music video accompanying it.

True love is hard to find. I need you by my side / ‘Cause everything’s alright when I hold you through the night / You caught me by surprise while searching my whole life / Let’s give it a try,” Tree sings in the romantic track that’s about finding, appreciating, and preserving true love.

In the chorus, he promises his love interest that his love is an enduring one, as he sings, “I’ll love you ‘til I don’t exist here anymore / You’re my one and only.”

The track is written and produced by Will Vaughan, Digital Farm Animals, and Oliver Tree. It is the second track on the 14-song album, which includes “Bounce,” “Invisible Man,” “Miss You,” and “Smile.”

Directed by Tree, and shot in Belgrade, Serbia, the music video follows Tree’s onscreen alter-ego Cornelius Cummings, a brilliant fashion designer who is always on the run from a group of uniformed men. The video begins with him being dropped from a building into a trash can. When he rises from the trash can, he is wearing an elaborate outfit made from trash bags.

The single follows Tree’s upbeat and infectious single, “Bounce,” which perfectly captured his fresh take on what it means to make music that is both appealing and different from every other song topping the charts these days.

The upcoming album – out September 29 via Atlantic Records –is said to explore the themes of loneliness, disconnect, and the human experience. It will also explore and dissect the absurdity of modern culture, along with our obsession with fame and social media. Beginning October 10, Tree will embark on a promotional tour of Alone in a Crowd, which will see him perform at stadiums across New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, and more. The tour is produced by Live Nation and is set to be his biggest headlining tour to date.