Offset & Cardi B – JEALOUSY

Offset and Cardi B are shutting down the cheating rumors once and for all with a brand new song, “JEALOUSY,” directed at all the hatin’ ass niggas and undercover bitches.

At the beginning of the song, we hear the Everything Everywhere All At Once star, Jamie Lee Curtis say, “There’s a lot of drama between you and your beautiful wife, Cardi B,” before Offset says, “Let’s talk about some music.”

Hinting at the infidelity rumors, he raps, “Cartier frames, I can see a nigga brain / Cartier bracelet, they matchin’ with the chain / Dirt up on my name, man, you nigga should be shamed.” Later on, he adds, “Who talkin’? Who tellin’? Who sang?”

Cardi B’s verse is more a direct response to the cheating rumors than Offset’s lines, as she tells people to get off her and her husband’s business and focus on theirs. “Girl, nobody listen to you ‘less you talking ’bout me (Woo) / It’s always a bird tryna tweet shit (Yeah) / You offended when I be on defense (Fuck you) / They’re too worried ’bout me and my nigga (Huh) / You should worry ’bout the nigga yours sleep with, hmm (Ah),” she raps, going on to add that her man is the real deal. “How bitches mad? I’m the number one pick / It’s funny, your nigga the one that’s a trade.”

The single was first teased by Offset on July 24, with a trailer on Instagram featuring himself as musician James Brown and actress Jamie Lee Curtis as TV journalist Sonya Friedman, a spoof reenactment of James Brown’s infamous TV interview in 1988. The following day, Offset shared a lengthy version of the trailer. The cover art and the song’s title was revealed on July 26, with the announcement that the song will feature his wife Cardi B. This is their first collaboration in four years, following 2019’s “Clout,” off of his album Father of Four.

The song samples the Three 6 Mafia track “Jealous Ass Bitches,” with the writing credits including Offset, Cardi B, Boi-1da, OZ, and Jahaan Sweet. Offset recently announced that he’s getting ready to drop his next solo project, with revelations that the project will feature the likes of Travis Scott, Future, Chloe Bailey, Latto, and even his fallen comrade TakeOff.

As for Cardi, fans have long been anticipating new music from the rapper. However, this doesn’t mean that Cardi has been musically silent, as her collab with Offset is her third feature of the year.