Nightly – like I do

Nightly continues on their disco-pop trajectory with "like I do"

“we took our music video budget for ‘like I do’ and donated it to wags and walk Nashville – a non profit dog rescue based in Nashville, TN”

Those words set the tone for the wholesome music video for Nightly’s newest single, “like I do,” which will be included on the Nashville-based band’s upcoming album wear your heart out. The dogs featured in the video, Sol, Sable, and Harlow, are the three most tenured residents of the rescue, and are awaiting release to forever homes.

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Nightly has been consistently releasing music for the last three years, and, when they were able to, got on the road to play all their new material for their fans. Each release has felt closer and closer to identifying their desired sound, and it’s clear that, even before wear your heart out is released in full, they’ve found it and are just riding the wave.

“radiohead” is a slow burn. More introspective lyrically with a broader instrumental canvas. “dry eyes” and “wear your heart out” saw them lean fully into their ability to create marketable, radio-friendly alternative pop music. “like I do,” in that same musical vein, is about infatuation and wanting to lock a partner down: “My mind keeps tryin’ to hold tight / But I can’t fight when you give me those eyes / And I don’t know the right way to say it / But I don’t want anyone beside you… anyone beside you.” The lyrics also establish the built-in familiarity between the subjects, as Capeci lovingly teases her in the second verse: “The thought of you on someone’s side / Laughing along with your crooked smile / Keeps me up babe / it doesn’t feel right.”

While the overall vocal melody, particularly in the verses, isn’t as captivating as on “dry eyes,” the instrumentation, which is both retro and hard-hitting, is like something out of an 80’s movie roller rink scene. The chorus is as instantly singable as “wear your heart out” with Capeci easily gliding up into his falsetto, flirtatiously hitting the point home again and again: “I don’t want anyone beside you… no one loves you like I do.”

With their highly anticipated new album looming, a small fragment of the tune in the form of a quick instrumental drop at the 2:05 mark speaks volumes. That has been a trick of the band since the early days of “XO.” As the crowds grow, the venues change and the numbers increase, a small choice such as that is a wink to their core fans. A way of saying, “Don’t worry, we’re still your boys.”

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