Mae Muller – Me, Myself & I

Nothing says self-love like the realization that the only one you can ever truly and fully love is yourself. Straight out of her Eurovision appearance, Muller is continuing to thrill fans with a brand new dance-worthy single, “Me, Myself & I.” Move aside folks, I’ve found a better person to crush on, and it’s myself.

The song’s opening lines come with its own bite as she sings about being fed up with “this stupid boy thing,” which she confesses is “getting boring.” After going through guys and not quite finding what she’s looking for, Muller makes a discovery. The guys aren’t right for her because they never could be.

The chorus sees her name the guys she’s dated and dropped, “I cut off Charlie / I told him I was sorry (Yeah) / Then there was Michael / He just wasn’t my type, though / There was Ethan / He wanted something deeper (Yeah) / I had to leave them, I think I found a keeper / It’s me, myself and I.” Sorry Charlie, Michael and Ethan, the girl’s too busy to be a wife.

The bridge explains that the fault doesn’t lie with the guys as she sings, “And Charlie, you’re a good time / And Michael, you’re so damn fine / And Ethan, always on time.”

Muller wrote the single with Karl Ivert, Kian Sang, and NEIKED, who also produced the track. The song is from Muller’s upcoming debut studio album, Sorry, I’m Late – out September 8.

The single is accompanied by a music video that sees Muller dancing with several men, but she ends up rejecting them to be by herself. The British singer-songwriter shared the release of the video on her socials with the caption, “i truly am the love of my own life xxx.”

Prior to the release of the song, Muller gushed that she loves making girly pop songs, writing, “i love making fun girly pop music like how fun and cute and fun is this.”

In another post, she wrote, “ME MYSELF AND I IS OUT NOW! THE SORRY I’M LATE ERA HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! i wrote this song 3 years ago so the fact it’s out now is honestly insane but i’m so HAPPY! A SLAY & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN 💘 HERE’S TO SHAKING ASS THIS SUMMER 💘.”

Sorry, I’m Late comprises 17 songs, including “I Just Came To Dance,” “Bitch With A Broken Heart,” “Wish I Could Hate You,” and of course the single that earned her a place at 2023’s Eurovision contest, “I Wrote A Song.”