FIFTY FIFTY – Barbie Dreams (feat. Kaliii)

Barbie The Album is the gift that keeps on giving. From Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night” to the latest release from FIFTY FIFTY and Kaliii, we’ve been given glimpses into what it’s truly like to be “a perfect being in a perfect world.”

The upbeat track sees the 4-member k-pop group join forces with American rapper Kalii to sing about bringing Barbie dreams into reality. “Barbie Dreams” is about having the perfect dreams, and translating them into a perfect life, and it’s literally everything Barbie stands for.

When I close my eyes, it’s a fantasy / Perfect plastic life from a magazine / Then when I wake up, it’s reality (Pretty girls) / I can have it all (Yeah), live my Barbie dreams (Barbie dreams),” FIFTY FIFTY and Kaliii open the feel-good song with its catchy chorus.

The infectious post-chorus harmony is like rainbow sprinkles on ice cream before Sio kicks in the first verse by singing about the shiny things in life, like “Glitter nirvana” and “mascara.” It’s about enjoying life with a “pretty state of mind.”

Kaliii’s part is truly uplifting, as she raps about being a ten, having the looks, and setting the trends. Her rap gives a nod to Barbie’s famous boyfriend Ken and her friends, because, really, what is Barbie without her loyal crew?

The song samples Janet Jackson’s 1997 song, “Together Again,” and with the girls’ voices auto-tuned, it mimics late 90s-early 00s Eurodance.

“Barbie Dreams” brings together lyrics that encourage a positive mindset with melodic lines, and the combo makes the song interesting enough for multiple repeats.

The song is coming after Billie Eilish revealed that she worked on a track for the Greta Gerwig movie. The song, titled “What Was I Made For,” will be released later this month. Just days later, the final name revealed on the soundtrack was announced to be Sam Smith for “Man I Am.”

“We made this song for Barbie and it means the absolute worrrrllld to me,” Eilish wrote on Instagram. “This movie is gonna change ur lives and hopefully this song will too. Get ready to sob.”

This means Eilish gets to join the star-studded project, already featuring the likes of Lizzo, The Kid LAROI, GAYLE, Ava Max, Khalid, and many others.

“Barbie Dreams” follows Charli XCX’s “Speed Drive,” Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice’s “Barbie World,” PinkPantheress’ “Angel,” Karol G and Aldo Ranks’ “Watati,” and Dua Lipa’s “Dance the Night.”

Listen to “Barbie Dreams” on Spotify below: