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Dan + Shay – Save Me The Trouble

The GRAMMY-winning country-pop hybrid return with ferocious new arena anthem

3x GRAMMY-winning country/pop duo Dan + Shay are kicking off their new era with the release of new single “Save Me The Trouble.” The duo has long since proven themselves as the rightful heirs to Rascal Flatts’ powerhouse throne with standout vocal performances from Shay on “I Should Probably Go To Bed,” the underrated “All Nighter,” and on duets with the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, but this new tune may just be the official passing of the torch moment.

Listening to “Save Me The Trouble” is like hearing Flatts’ most iconic wall-to-wall arena anthems for the first time again. The feeling of “Here Comes Goodbye” or “Come Wake Me Up” when no other male in country, at that time, could compete with that kind of vocal wizardry. Should there have been a more spiritual element to “Save Me The Trouble” lyrically, it could have rivaled Flatts’ iconic, and almost sacred, tune “Change.”

Yet somehow, with the overall instrumental presentation, the tension and build that really never break, and a vocal performance so unfettered, it still FEELS spiritual. With contributions from collaborators such as the legendary Derek Wells on guitar, musician and well-known worship leader Gordon Mote on synths and strings, and award-winning session musician Jimmie Lee Sloas on bass, the stakes feel high. The arrangement is massive… like, an encore in an arena massive. Their own smash hits “Tequila” and “Speechless,” both of which provide small doses of country-infused sob-rock, easily succumb to this complete and utter show-stealer.

Shay plays off songs like this with ease. As per usual, he starts off light and easy, professing his concerns diving into a romantic relationship with the subject: “I can tell by the way that you’re stirring your drink/Oh, we’re already playing with fire.” By the time he reaches the climax, his high tenor as fervent yet clean as ever, he’s up in the stratosphere with nothing to hold him down: “If you’re the kinda girl that’s only gonna wanna love and leave / A guy like me / Alone in this bar drinking double / Why don’t you save me the trouble?” His adlibs, layered harmonies, and high runs at this point of the song, including an exhilarated “WOO!” at the 3:05 mark, see him in full “Holy Ghost” mode. Hearing, seeing, and feeling nothing and everything all at once.

Save Me The Trouble,” along with other surprise releases “Heartbreak On The Map” and “Bigger Houses,” will be included on the duo’s next full-length album, Bigger Houses, out 9/15. The pair will be performing as part of The Citi Concert Series on TODAY on July 21st and was recently announced as the first duo coaching pairing on the upcoming season of NBC’s The Voice, alongside Chance The Rapper, John Legend, and Reba McEntire.

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