BIA’s latest EP, REALLY HER, is here and it’s filled with songs that are designed to make us feel good about ourselves, even if we don’t always relate to the mention of “millions” and “platinum plaques.”

Anyway, let’s give it up for BIA for putting the bitches to shame with her millions and laughing about it. If you doubt it then you definitely haven’t heard her single, “MILLIONS,” which literally starts with her and Nene Leakes saying, “Bling, bling, bling, bitches is mad, hahahaha.” So yeah…

But if you think BIA’s going to smile for the sake of it, you may have the wrong BIA, because this one won’t, not unless she hears some cha-ching. “Usually, I wouldn’t smile ‘less it cost a couple thousands (Grrr) / And millions, and millions, and millions, and millions (Uh, alright) / Business as usual / Usually, I wouldn’t smile ‘less it cost a couple thousands (Grrr) / And millions, and millions, and millions (Uh), and millions (Alright, okay),” she raps in the song’s chorus, reminding us of the famous saying that time should cost money – oh wait, I don’t think that’s how it goes.

The braggadocios song sees BIA praise herself for not cashing her “new checks” because they’re “old change” and getting calls from other bitches’ men. “I might pull a ticket out of my account (Grrr, okay) / Just to show you bitches how to count (Uh, okay),” she raps.

As for her glamorous and jet-setting lifestyle, she raps, “I get paid to party on a permanent base (That’s true) / Only time we link is meet and greet (Huh) / On and off the jet ’cause I got places to be.”

The single was accompanied by a music video featuring Nene Leakes as one of her girl pals. The “MILLIONS” video is filled with enticing visuals that are sure to draw fans back to watch it every once in a while. If you look at the songwriting credits, you’ll see that Nene Leakes’ influence on the song goes beyond appearing in the video and saying a few silly lines that kick off the song. The TV personality and entrepreneur is actually listed as one of the song’s writers, alongside BIA, AzizTheShake, and Tim Nihan, with AzizTheShake and Tim Nihan producing the track.

The song dropped on July 28, the same day as the rapper’s highly anticipated EP, REALLY HER, which she teased relentlessly before and after release on its Twitter. The EP cover art follows the same platinum color scheme that BIA has been running with for a while.