Anne-Marie – TRAINWRECK 

Anne-Marie is so “fucking happy without you.” Seriously! Released as the fifth track from her July 28 album, “TRAINWRECK” is what Anne-Marie herself calls a “cheeky” song.

Per NME, Anne-Marie shared that the song is about finally finding the courage to end a toxic relationship. She said, “The song is about being with someone who’s not good for you, but you stay with them because you’re scared of what will be afterwards. You think that you’re going to be down and lost and lonely but then you dump them and realise how much happier you are without them in your life.”

Perhaps it is not a coincidence that this reclamation of independence anthem follows Anne-Marie’s smash hit with Shania Twain “UNHEALTHY” – a song about stubbornly remaining in a toxic relationship no matter what friends and family tell you.

So far, no song on UNHEALTHY bites as deep as “TRAINWRECK, as the British singer-songwriter sings about getting over a lover so quickly they’d be surprised.

Got no more tears left to cry / I watched the films and drunk the wine / Here in the mess you left behind / I been alright, you know, I finally let you go,” she sings in the opening verse of the grief she suffered from when the relationship ended. She then goes on to share how she took her friends’ advice and got her life back.

Now? “I don’t know why you thought that I’d be shedding a tear / When I’m chilling at the party and I’m glad you’re not here / And I don’t know what to say, but the pain disappeared.”

Touching on the glorious relief she feels after getting over the toxic relationship, she sings: “Bet you thought I’d bе crawling to your feet / Tryna write another sad song, but not me / Truth is, boy / I’m so fucking happy without you.”

According to a press release on her upcoming third studio album, “Anne-Marie’s new album ‘UNHEALTHY’ offers us a sneak peek into her perfectly imperfect world. Penned over a period when she felt ready to revisit and try and make sense of a host of raw, past relationships whilst also learning to process positive new ones.”

It continues: “The new album takes us on a journey from chaos to contentment; this is Anne-Marie standing tall, embracing an all-new version of herself that’s fiercer, bolder, more chaotic and blissfully happier than ever before.”

Boasting sixteen tracks, including “SAD B!TCH” and “PSYCHO,” UNHEALTHY will be dropping this July 28. Anne-Marie will celebrate its launch by performing all of the songs on the album at the London Lafayette on that same day.