Introducing: Bellah Mae

Prepare to be slayed by the unstoppable force that is Bellah Mae! This rising star in the music industry is taking the world by storm with her infectious pop anthems and unapologetic lyrics that empower and captivate. From fierce tracks like “Date Your Dad” to the anthem of the year, “Boyfriend of the Year,” Bellah Mae has firmly established herself as an artist who fearlessly combines irresistible melodies with messages that pack a punch. We spoke to Bellah and delved into her electrifying journey, her influences, and her unrivaled ability to connect with audiences through her empowering storytelling.

When asked about her first experiences writing music she responded, “I’ve been writing songs since I was little, probably aged 8 or 9 onwards, but I hadn’t put many out there to have people’s opinions on. ‘Boyfriend Of The Year’ was actually the first song I posted on TikTok and I really didn’t expect the immediate positive reaction to it. After the song was released, I had an overwhelming amount of messages and support from people expressing how much they related to the song. That was my first time as a songwriter where I felt I was truly connecting with people. It was really rewarding to be able to help people in a small way through doing what you love, and it inspires me to keep writing. “

Her debut track “Boyfriend of the Year” blew up on TikTok, leaving fans thirsty for more of her unfiltered authenticity. With a devoted fan base known as the “Hot ex-girlfriends club”, Bellah Mae has created a fierce and inclusive community that embraces and supports one another. She also mentions that having this community has actually been one of the best experiences in her career… “I have a really close relationship with my fans and we have an Instagram group chat which we’re super active on, as well as over on Discord. Having a group that brings us together to support each other in the world we live in is super special. They pick me up on any of my down days too. So having this connection and engagement with people has been an amazing experience and such a pleasant surprise in this busy industry.”

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Avril Lavigne, Bellah Mae fearlessly molds her sound, fusing country, rock ‘n’ roll, and pop punk into an explosive sonic experience. “My sound is like a love child of those icons,” she explains with a mischievous grin. This blend of genres and her own personal experiences creates a sonic identity that’s both audacious and intoxicating, setting her apart from the cookie-cutter crowd in the industry.

She also said, “My genre style came to me fairly organically. I was raised around my grandad’s rock’n’roll career and my family’s eclectic taste in music. I was actually trained as a soprano singer for 7 years, and then fell in love with country music and flew to Nashville when I was 18 which further strengthened my passion for the genre, and I even met Dolly Parton. I’ve always been in love with pop and pop punk music so this collection of genres and styles has definitely influenced me.”

Bellah Mae doesn’t just slay solo; she knows the power of collaboration. Teaming up with musical geniuses like Alex Stacey, Amy Wadge, and RISC, she fearlessly explores uncharted musical territories while staying true to her storytelling roots. When asked about her dream tour support, Bellah reveals her admiration for the unstoppable forces that are Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, recognizing their prowess as both performers and songwriters.

Bellah Mae’s lyrics hit harder than a tidal wave of empowerment. She fearlessly tackles themes of self-expression and empowerment, using her music as a weapon to inspire her fans. Her songs are like “a comforting hug,” offering solace and strength to those who need it most. Through her unfiltered honesty and raw vulnerability, Bellah encourages her listeners to embrace their emotions and unleash their true selves. With lyrics that resonate deep within the soul, she becomes the fierce voice of a generation.

The music industry can be a battleground, but Bellah Mae fearlessly charges ahead, armed with unwavering determination and an unbreakable spirit. “What’s the best that could happen?” she challenges, flipping obstacles on their head and daring them to stand in her way. Her relentless drive and infectious passion serve as an inspiration to her growing fanbase, reminding them to slay every challenge that comes their way. She explained, “When it comes to challenges, you really have to hit the ground running as an up-and-coming artist and so learning how to navigate and learn on the job as quickly as you can is sometimes tricky. With that being said, it’s all a learning curve and I’m in love with what I do and the industry, so I just remind myself of that in any of the more challenging times.”

Bellah Mae’s participation in Brighton Pride is a moment of celebration and empowerment. As an artist, she understands the power of representation and stands proudly in support of the diverse queer identities that deserve to be seen and heard. Joining the ranks of an electrifying pop lineup is something she relishes, adding her own fierce flair to an inclusive and empowering atmosphere.

At Pride, she’ll be playing among an incredible pop powerhouse lineup including Mel C, Dylan, Zara Larsson, Confidence Man, and Mae Muller. Speaking about playing at the event she says, “So so cool! I’m excited and also so inspired to be among these amazing artists. I’m buzzing about how many women are on the lineup, I’m really passionate about women being represented in all areas of the music industry.”

With her irresistible pop melodies and unapologetic messages of empowerment, Bellah Mae is a true powerhouse in the music industry. Her ability to forge deep connections with her audience and create a community that radiates strength and acceptance is nothing short of remarkable. As Bellah Mae continues to conquer new heights, her distinct sound and unfiltered storytelling will leave a trail of awe-inspired fans in her wake, solidifying her reign as an unstoppable slayer in the music industry.

PS: You may or may not know Bellah (just like us) is a big fan of Hannah Montana, so obviously, we couldn’t finish the interview without asking her about her favorite Hannah Montana outfit, and we thought you might be pleased to hear the answer is, “This is easily one of my favorite questions I’ve ever been asked! As a die-hard fan of Hannah Montana, I would probably say the red leather jacket, red heels, and jeans partnered with the huge belt that served literally no purpose haha!”  

Bellah’s highly anticipated next single “On Purpose (For My Future Daughter)” is out on 14th July.