Photo: Sarah Pardini

Tessa Violet

Tessa Violet has entertained millions of people since the beginning of the YouTube creator era. Since then, she’s made the transition from viral internet sensation to indie-pop singer and officially solidified her place in the music industry with her sophomore LP MY GOD!  The LP features an eclectic mix of campy pop songs, anthemic tunes, and a sprinkle of heartbreak ballads. Violet herself compared this latest release to Taylor Swift’s Red era because of the range of songs, similar to the Red album. 

“This album is my strongest writing so far,” Violet recalled. “I’ve become a better writer because I have more and more practice behind me and more experience and understanding of what feels good and what doesn’t.”

Her passion for music and the creative process is evident through each of her songs, the music videos, and the production of her shows. For most of the songs on the LP, she started writing them on her own before working with collaborators like Matt Parad and Lauren, and Solomon Olds to bring them to life. Violet is dedicated to creating music that she’s a fan of and that means something important to her. 

“When creating music, I’m thinking about what is meaningful to me and what I connect with most. It is such an exciting way to do it because then when someone else loves what I make, I’m like ‘Oh my god, me too!’ and we have something in common.” 

One of the collaborators Violet was most excited to work with was Bonnie McKee, who’s worked with the likes of Katy Perry and Britney Spears. 

“It was my dream to write a song with Bonnie McKee,” Violet explained. ”I love power pop songs so in the 2010’s I was like someday, I’m going to write a song with Bonnie. Fast forward years later, we ended up connecting over TikTok and wrote several songs together.”  

One of the songs they collaborated on together was the song “MY GOD!,” the title track and single off of the LP. “MY GOD!” is a bubbly pop tune that is dedicated to the electric chemistry between Violet and her lover. The use of dreamy and bright synths and other instrumentals combined with the campy visuals throughout the accompanying music video allows the song to blossom into the perfect anthem for the summer. 

While Violet loves the opportunity to write and sing songs about feeling good and loving herself, MY GOD! also provided her the opportunity to explore her own heartbreak in songs like “song without a title,” and “I Don’t Know Who I Am Without You,” songs she listens to the most in the car.  

“In the past, I really centered my songs around questions like ‘why do I make these choices? Why do I do these things?’” Violet recounted. “It felt very therapeutic to sing to someone like you read the diary entry to them instead of keeping the diary entry to yourself.”

Along with writing and producing music, one of Violet’s favorite parts of making music is getting to tour and play shows. She will be touring the country this summer and with the variety of songs on MY GOD!, Violet is most excited to connect with fans and showcase energetic performances for them. 

“I love production, going from those big and intimate moments and creating that back and forth during a show,” Violet excitedly explains. “I love having those dynamics to play around with from the album because it makes the show so dynamic to put together.” 

MY GOD! is now available on all streaming platforms.