Victoria Monét – On My Mama

Victoria Monét knows she looks good and she’s crediting it to her mama. “On My Mama” is a feel-good song with lots of self-affirming lines like “You can’t touch my bag, wish you could / I look fly, I look too good,” “Man, to tell the truth, your opinion is irrelevant / But I, I know you think I’m fine,” and “Reflection in the mirror don’t decline / I can’t even lie, lie, lie.”

The single, which was produced by Chalie Boy, also interpolates his 2009 single “I Look Good” for the chorus. The names on the song’s writing credit include Monét, Chalie Boy, D’Mile, Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman, and Christopher Neal Wilkinson.

Some lines in the song advise listeners not to diminish our achievements, but rather hype them up in our minds instead: “I just wanna live in a fantasy / I think we deserve it, right? / Top all the memories / I’ve ever made in my life / Permanent ecstasy (Oh).”

Speaking on the song’s message, Monét said: “On My Mama” is the soundtrack to positive affirmations! Singing the lyrics about yourself will change your frequency and elevate a positive mental state. The words speak not only to physical features but to a feeling too because I believe when you feel good, you look even better! Give yourself the words you need to hear because it’s true – you look good! There’s no one like you and that’s on ya mama. Enjoy being yourself witcha fine ass!”

“On My Mama” is set to be the last single to drop before the release of Monét’s highly anticipated second studio album, JAGUAR II, and follows previous singles “Party Girls” and “Smoke.” She announced the arrival of the single with a short video where she is shown dancing and lip-synching along to the song. She further extensively promoted the song by sharing tweets from fans.

A day after the song, which derives influences from R&B and soul, dropped, it climbed to the fourth spot on the iTunes R&B chart. Fans appreciated the message of the song and admired her emotive voice. But of course, it’s not a Monét song if there are no beautiful harmonies to raise the bar to perfection.

Listen to “On My Mama” below: