Patrick Droney – Go Getter

The world-class guitarist explores concepts of time on new project

“Go Getter” is the newest release from Patrick Droney, the South Jersey-born guitar virtuoso with skills that have attracted the attention of B.B. King, The Roots, and Elvis Costello, among others, over the years. On a short list of the most prominent young guitarists, Droney simply must be included along with other musicians such as Quinn Sullivan, King Solomon Hicks, and Brandon “Taz” Niederauer.

His debut record State Of The Heart, out in 2021, was an impressive collection of tracks that showcased his modern flair on timeless sounds. His influences include Don Henley, Steve Winwood, and Jeff Buckley, but there are elements of modern pop/country and adult contemporary acts such as Chris Stapleton, James Bay, Billy Raffoul, and, of course, John Mayer, all over it.

Droney expertly finds the balance between intimacy and over-embellishment. Songs like “Little By Little” and “Yours In The Morning,” the two best on the project, give the listener just enough of that classic rock feel, along with that technical skill and musical precision, without overstaying its welcome.

The name of Droney’s upcoming album has not been unveiled, but it likely falls under some iteration of, All About Time. He relishes in his memories of a place where time stood still in an upcoming song called “My Grandfather’s Home,” and explores the concept of time further in “Go Getter,” with the lyric, “Playing with time cause you know that it knows better,” serving as the hook.

“Go Getter” is a perfect mix of pop, adult contemporary, soul, and blues. The modern pop production is used to enhance the rock roots, while the layered choir section amplifies Droney’s drawling yet hypnotic presence behind the mic. The music video for the tune paints a picture of a contemplative Droney reflecting on old memories in the place he grew up in, but also realizing he must continue to move forward: “There’s a word for that / When you’re standing there with time and it’s looking back / And it’s such a fine line down the cul de sac / Now you’re turning back / But there’s more down the road cause you know you’re a go getter.”

The video features scenes beautifully shot in Manhattan, a place where Droney has spent years paying his dues and honing his craft. There is some irony in depicting a song about time by using a place in which time simply doesn’t exist as the backdrop, but Droney seems to understand this and not only embraces that harsh reality but welcomes it with open arms.

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