Nightly – wear your heart out

The hardest-working band in pop music continues to be ten steps ahead of the curve. Along with the release of their newest single, “wear your heart out,” the band announced a new album, also called wear your heart out, out on August 25th, as well as a 21-date tour set for later this year. The new tune comes quickly after the release of both “radiohead” and “dry eyes,” to be included on the album as well.

“wear your heart out” is Nightly’s best and most ambitious attempt at an homage to The 1975, sounding like the British band’s Being Funny In A Foreign Language track “Looking For Somebody (To Love)” at half-speed. Despite the influence, it is a clear continuation of the alt-rock sound of previous releases like “dry eyes” and “hate my favorite band” that fans have come to expect in recent years. Perfectly designed for a live setting, the tune is an early contender for the closing slot on the group’s upcoming tour setlist.

The boys of Nightly, despite still growing and maturing, are making music that could take the roof off an arena, let alone the 500-600 capacity rooms they will be playing on tour. “dry eyes” is the perfect way to get a general admission crowd moving towards the start of the show, while “radiohead,” a slower, more methodical tune, could be the 5-6 minute power ballad moment that closes out the main set. The chorus of “wear your heart out,” which is, overall, one of their most radio-friendly tracks yet, is also one of their most singable, perfectly suited for both male and female voices: “I’ve been spending my time tryna figure it out / But nothing is the same when you’re not around / So baby… why don’t you wear your heart out?”

Lyrically, “wear your heart out” calls back to the era of their debut album in which Capeci wrestled with the push and pull of emotions between him and his partner at that time: “She’s a lover not a fighter / But she hides it so well / I’m like a time bomb ticking / Overthinking till I’m kicking myself.” It’s angsty and emotional yet highlights the band’s maturity and self-assuredness in a cool, suave way.

Along with the release of “wear your heart out” came the announcement that Nightly has been signed to ONErpm, “a next-generation music company and leader in new revenue opportunities, operating one of the world’s largest music distribution platforms and YouTube Multi-Channel Networks.” The company cited the band’s “consistent” success, musical output, and overall artistic growth as reasons for the signing, and expressed their excitement about the working relationship going forward.

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