Henry Moodie – pick up the phone

Henry Moodie is the new favorite newcomer on the music industry block. I mean, he’s got to be. With over five million followers on TikTok, nearly a million on Instagram, an impressive catalog of songs, and amazing live shows to back it up, I bet there’s little to be argued on whether he is or isn’t.

2023 alone has seen him release hit singles like “eighteen,” “Drunk Text,” and more recently, “pick up the phone.” Teasing the single release on Twitter, he wrote, “pick up the phone OUT NOW!!! i wrote this song as a little motivation for anyone going through a hard time, hope you love it.”

“pick up the phone” is a song about lending help to anyone who is going through something you’ve similarly experienced. “Some nights I don’t even sleep / Chest tight with anxiety / Stay up to see the moon leave the sky / Some days I’m not even me / Same old insecurities / They tell me there’s something going wrong inside,” he sings in the first verse.

Singing in the pre-chorus, he promises to help, “I’ve been there, down that road / When you need me, I’ll be here to let you know / It’s gonna be okay.”

However, he admits that it’s okay for anyone to have a “bad day,” adding that it’s the way we handle it that matters. The song is filled with introspective lines like “No sky is forever blue,” “Your thoughts lie but I know the truth,” and “Tomorrow isn’t your yesterday.”

If you paid attention to the song’s lyrics, you’ll notice he switched from “I” in the first verse to “you” in the second verse, emphasizing the line where he sings that he’s been there before and now wants to offer help to anyone suffering from a breakdown.

He teased the song several times across his socials before it officially dropped on June 23. It was accompanied by a lyric video that uses his tour memories as background for the words.

In late 2022, Moodie released his first record “you were there for me” on TikTok, and has since received 20 million views on his videos for the song, and over 60k creations using the sound on TikTok. Moodie is known for writing his own songs, either on his own or in a studio with other writers.

His fans are particularly thrilled with his incredible lyrics and vocals. With only a handful of songs under his belt, he has managed to headline sold-out shows across the UK and Ireland.