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EMM – Delilah

Self-made singer-songwriter EMM sends a message with her new single, “Delilah.” Released on June 30, the song tells a story of justice and embraces women’s power through the lens of a female anti-hero.

“Delilah” was inspired by different forms of content EMM watched, including a scene from the movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman. In a press release, EMM shared her thought process behind creating the song’s lyrics.

“The story of Delilah is a Bible story where a woman uses her power to drain a man of his strength. I saw a TikTok that said ‘most men would leave immediately if they were treated as poorly as women are often treated, and women are far more likely to stay.’ That really inspired the lyrics ‘Show no mercy…he would do the same,'” said EMM.

In the song, EMM encourages a woman to get revenge on a man who betrayed her. The singer-songwriter makes the point that if the roles were reversed, a man would not hesitate to leave or get revenge.

He was bold enough to betray you /  Cold enough to enslave you / No thinking twice / He will never live to escape you / Never get to repay you / Eat him alive / Oh Delilah / Make it hurt and show no mercy/ Oh Delilah / He would do / He, he would do the same,” EMM sings in “Delilah.”

The single demonstrates EMM’s versatility across the pop genre. “Delilah” opens with an industrial synth sound and EMM sings to the beat of synth in the song’s first verse. As soon as the verse is over, EMM launches into commanding vocals for the pre-chorus and chorus of “Delilah.” When EMM takes her vocals to the next level, the production of “Delilah” quiets, allowing EMM to take center stage.

The lyric video for “Delilah” is a video of EMM bringing her finger to her lips that repeats itself over and over again. In the video, EMM wears black leather gloves and dark lipstick which is contrasted against her bleached blonde hair. The wardrobe and color palette of the lyric video matches the single’s industrial vibe.

As an independent artist, EMM has become known for her authenticity. Instead of writing and releasing music for mass appeal, the singer writes songs that fit her vision. “Delilah” fits EMM’s trend of writing material that pushes the boundaries of girl power with a straightforward and unapologetic edge. Later in the year, EMM will share a top-secret project called GENESIS with fans.