David Alexander – Worst Case

The up-and-coming star makes a play for a mainstream radio smash

“Worst Case” is the newest release by LA-based singer-songwriter David Alexander. Alexander, an on-the-rise pop/rock vocalist, gained some well-deserved exposure as the opening act for vaultboy on the “everything sucks” singers’ winter tour earlier this year. He displayed serious musicianship on tracks like “Heartbeat” and “Sore Loser,” the latter a wonderfully sung and arranged cut that highlights Alexander’s higher register and strong lyricism.

Beyond his own material, Alexander has collaborated with other up-and-comers such as Sadie Jean and Stephen Dawes, collaborating on “WYD Now?” for Jean, and “It Could Be Me” and “Positive!” with Dawes. Also, based on the pair’s IG stories, he is currently working with Cape Town-based singer Will Linley (“miss me (when you’re gone)”) on new material.

With almost 43,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and nearly 80,000 followers on Tik Tok, Alexander is quickly growing a passionate audience. He brings fans behind the curtain on Tik Tok, giving an intimate look into both the creation process, in which he shows his capability to play, arrange, and produce by his lonesome, as well as in rehearsals and prep for recent solo shows. He debuted “Worse Case” at a recent show in LA.

A student of the modern music game, Alexander draws inspiration from Shawn Mendes, Clinton Kane, and The Band CAMINO, among other acts within the contemporary/indie-pop sphere. His tone is conversational and radio-friendly, which he displays on “Worst Case,” and he brings a certain authenticity to the table as a multi-instrumentalist.

His lyrics on “Worst Case,” as well as on a track like “Sore Loser,” reflect a songwriter not afraid to show his heart. On the latter, he knows when to step away, even if it hurts him: “You don’t want to get back to where we started / That’s just something that I can’t compete with.” Alexander, along with artists like Benson Boone, Thomas Day, and Alexander Stewart, consistently prove they are not afraid to be vulnerable and honest writers.

 “Worst Case,” a track that contains Alexander’s best and most commercial melodic line yet, sees him looking at the possible end of a relationship in its beginning stages while simultaneously expressing his early infatuation: “Oh, if your heart breaks when I mess it up / If we only make it two or three months / I’d do it all again / I’d keep loving, loving, loving, loving you.” The chorus is incredibly radio-friendly with well-arranged gang vocals behind him, and the elements of both pop and alternative are well-executed.

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