Coi Leray – Run It Up

Coi Leray is not afraid to be the villain in the story, and while everyone else is busy depicting themselves as the perfect partner, Leray is painting herself as everything a man should run away from. In a year that’s seeing the American rapper achieving new highs in her career, “Run It Up” may well add to that ever-blooming success, especially since the melody is SO good. Now I dare you to listen to the song without your bitchy side sailing to the surface.

In a few days, Leray’s second album, COI, will be dropping, and to remind fans of it, she has decided to drop a brand-new single. “Run It Up” is Leray telling guys to stay far away from her if what they want is a soulmate, because you may come home one day to find her doing stuff she’s not supposed to be doing with your homies. Written by Leray, Johnny Goldstein, Feli Ferraro, A1 LaFlare, and Akil “worldwidefresh” King, “Run It Up” is a potent addition to Leray’s catalog of ever-expanding explicit records. If you want to know how explicit the girl can get, just look at the album cover.

The opening chorus alerts us to Leray’s chameleon status in the song, as she rap-sings, “I’m an angel in the day and a demon in the night,” while the verse goes into detail on how much a “demon” Leray can be – “Drop the top in the winter cause my heart cold as ice.”

“I always told myself like, ‘Yo, I’m a superhero.’ And at the end of the day, no matter what, there’s always a villain in every superhero movie and I’m ready for whatever,” Leray told PEOPLE of her dreams to achieve an icon status. “I know that I have the ability to make amazing songs, be one of the biggest artists. And on top of that, be one of the biggest influential artists — whether it’s in mental health, body positivity, fashion.”

This album is set to be her most versatile yet, according to the star, who also revealed that, even though chasing clout and the charts matter, she’s making music because she loves it. However, she doesn’t need to chase clout too much to steal spots on the charts, as, according to Pharrell Williams’ prediction, she’s an industry disrupter.

Listen to “Run It Up”: