BTS – Take Two

Can you believe it’s been ten years since BTS debuted? Yep, I feel so old right now. As their anniversary and their big anniversary concert comes up, the K-pop group has decided to gift fans with a brand new single. “Take Two” doesn’t only serve as a project that will mark their anniversary, it also serves as a means for the boys to introduce their fans to the next stage of their musical career.

Take one is over, and we’re now moving into “Take Two.” And if the single is anything to go by, this new era is going to see them sounding more different from the other K-pop acts that have frankly dominated the global streaming market. Even though BTS still comes out on top of the other K-pop acts, BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, aespa, and many others have been covering more turf in recent years that it’s proving harder for BTS to assert their dominance.

The bilingual track kind of touches on the band’s decade-long time in the spotlight, as they start off by asking fans whether they’re willing to still stick around even after all the time that’s flown past. “Yeah, we never felt so young / When together, sing the song / Meeting with each other’s eyes / Even in the darkness,” Jung Kook and V sing in the chorus. The band goes on to promise the ARMY – their impressive fan base – that no matter what happens, “we swim together.” The band has always put their fan base front and center throughout their career, and for that, the fans have repaid them by winning the best fan army at the iHeartRadio awards several times, “We’re together so I’m not scared of hoping for eternity.” BTS has also consecutively won the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist since 2017.

“The song means a new chapter of BTS’s journey since debut in June 2013 & symbolizes both the group’s onward journey & promise to its dedicated fans, who have shared every moment thus far, to continue talking together in the future,” a statement by BigHit Music read.

“Take Two” is basically BTS embarking on the next chapter of their career and inviting their fans along. Suga participated in the overall production of the track with RM and J-hope taking part in the songwriting. The single’s cover image sees the septet holding boxes with the word “ARMY” on them.

The South Korean boy group will be incorporating celebrations of their tenth anniversary into their annual Festa concert.