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Introducing: BANA

In need of more songs for your summer playlists? Kurdish singer BANA has got you covered! Her new single, “Tangy,” released just a few weeks ago, is already getting us hyped for our favorite season of the year and we can’t wait for you to fall in love with it too!

In our recent Q&A with the rising singer, we learn about how she began her career as a recording artist, adjusting to her new lifestyle, and how she would describe “Tangy” herself.

Let’s talk about origins. Where were you born and raised? 

I was born and raised in Kurdistan in the town of Sulaymaniyah, the city of culture and art.

How did you come to be on Kurdish Idol

Music has always been my passion growing up ever since I can remember. I’ve always dreamed of performing for people and when I turned 16 I saw a post advertising audition for Kurdish Idol and thought to myself, why not apply and just see what comes of it? If anything, it will be a fun experience. It turned out to change my life! I was able to build my music career from all the recognition the show gave me writing and producing all my own music whilst being the youngest singer at the time helping me mark my place in the Kurdish music industry.

You’re here in the UK now. What inspired the move? 

I’ve always been drawn to the UK ever since I was a child. It’s been on my travel bucket list since young and I loved everything happening in the music scene over here. A lot of my favorite artists are from the UK, who I actually learned the English language from by listening to their music and watching interviews, all of which inspired me. It’s a real full circle moment being here.

Has it been hard to adjust to the culture and which artists from here would you say have been most inspiring? 

Honestly, it hasn’t been hard at all adjusting to the UK culture. Having consumed a lot of Western media in my upbringing, Western culture feels like second nature to me, like a second home. I also noticed that the UK has such a diverse community of people and cultures from all around the world which I love. The most challenging adjustment has been not having my mom cook.

As for artists that have been the most inspiring, I would say Harry Styles/One Direction, Little Mix & Adele are all people who have inspired me by seeing their advocacy and the fearlessness of being themselves.

A lot of entertainers love to blend cultures of music and fashion. How do you do the same? 

Music and fashion go hand in hand for me. Both are a reflection of life experiences and inspiration and this is something I apply to all aspects of my life. When I’m in the studio creating music it’s instinct for me to think of the visuals of the song from the colours to the outfits. Even what I’m wearing in the studio has an impact on the music being worked on that day as it’s all about the energy and what I feel inside it reflects the art that comes out of me.

The marriage of music and fashion is in my DNA. My mom has been a huge inspiration for my style. She was always playing Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston around me whilst rocking Y2K & the 80s-infused outfits that she would piece together from thrift shopping. All of which have been impressionable on me growing up.

Three words to describe your latest single, “Tangy”?

Colorful, savage, and summery.

Can we expect you to play live this summer? 

Getting to perform all these songs I’ve been creating over the past year is something I can’t wait to do. It excites me every time I think about it so yes! Maybe?? Stay tuned!