Photo: Jade Sadler

Ethan Tasch – Holdup

The indie singer/songwriter, with help from Spill Tab on vocals, unveils clever new music video

Amongst the sea of big-budget music videos for major hits like “Bejeweled” by Taylor Swift and “As It Was” by Harry Styles are quality DIY-type videos that can easily fall under the radar. That should not be the case for the video for “Holdup” by Ethan Tasch, an indie singer/songwriter with modest yet respectable streaming numbers on songs like “Room” and “GPS” featuring Felly. He also adds texture and depth to Peter Fenn’s “Body Bag,” a gorgeous acoustic pop duet.

“Holdup” features uncredited vocals from Spill Tab (who Wallows fans might recognize from their last tour), known for songs like “Cotton Candy” and “Velcro” with Gus Dapperton. Tasch’s upcoming album Got Him!, out later this year, also features Remi Wolf, Wallice, and Boyish.

Tasch, who serves as Bea Miller’s touring guitarist, is typically quite subtle, even subdued in his solo work, but new track “Holdup” has a bit of a groove to it. The track itself, taken out of the context of the music video, is very reminiscent of Milky Chance… the kind of fun, upbeat pop tune that is easily accessible and instantly memorable.

The track sees Tasch question why he seems scared to move forward, to do what he needs to do to be happy even when there is nothing stopping him but himself; “So tell me what’s the holdup / Why’re my feet stuck? / I’m tired of being holdup for the whole month.” Despite this supposed hesitancy to break out, the music video depicts Tasch “running across America” a la Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump.

Tasch runs (and runs… and runs) through dirt paths, wooded areas, and flooded roadways with a straight face, which only adds to the juxtaposition of the visual and the lyric. At one point, he stops at a gas pump and puts the nozzle under his armpit to refuel, but his facial expression does not reflect the need for refueling. While certain comedians would have overdone the “I’m so tired… I’m out of breath… Let me fill myself up” schtick, Tasch plays it off perfectly. No emotion, no trace of thought, just actively leaning into the role.

Tasch and Spill Tab blend together perfectly on the track, which feels like an immediate and necessary add to summer playlists. While Tasch’s lyrics reflect a quiet fear of pushing forward, the music itself is bright and optimistic in a way that feels right. Something may be holding you back now, but you’ll run free from it when you’re ready.

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