Zara Larsson – End of Time

Isn’t it exciting that Zara Larsson has decided to kick off summer with her single “End of Time,” just after stealing our hearts with the banger “Can’t Tame Her” this January? Fans know by now that if it’s Larsson, you’re dancing, even when the song is designedly sad in nature. “End of Time” – a pop ballad – is no different. Who doesn’t want to dance to a song about the kind of love that goes on forever?

The opening verse sees Larsson sing about how it feels to be overtaken by emotions, so much so you “sink to oblivion.” In the chorus, the Swedish pop star sings about what she wants her love interest’s love to do for her, from rolling the dice to starting a fire, as long as it lasts “until the end of time.”

The second verse’s lines tell of a blissful love that feels like something out of a fantasy: “They will say that we’re insane / And in a way, baby, we are, mm-mm / When you pull me close underneath that light / From the moment I looked into your eyes / Saw what I’d been searchin’ for all of this time.”

Speaking with Uproxx’s Alex Gonzalez, she revealed that she wasn’t a part of the song’s initial writing process, even though she loved it once she heard it. “The song was written by Casey Smith and Rick Nowels, who I’ve been working a lot with on this album. One day, when I was away doing something, they were in the studio and still writing songs for the project.”

She added: “I got back and they were like, “We would love to play you a song,” and they had made “End Of Time.” And I thought, “Oh my God, I should have been in the studio that day.” But also, if I had been maybe they wouldn’t have come up with “End Of Time.” It was so beautiful. I love the melodies. I love that it feels big, but it feels like a classic song. And in a way, it’s danceable, it’s pop, and it’s just like a very existential love song about wanting to love somebody until the very end of time.”

The accompanying music video was teased a few days before its release on Friday, May 19, and sees Larsson dancing, singing, and having fun with a young girl that fans believe represents Larsson’s younger self.

Larsson also kinda confirmed the assumption when she shared: “I was her, and she was me and together we were free.”