Photo: Frank Fieber

Tom Grennan – How Does It Feel

Tom Grennan has a new lease on life and love on "How Does It Feel"

Ahead of his highly anticipated album What If’s & Maybe’s, Brit-powerhouse vocalist Tom Grennan has officially released new single “How Does It Feel.” Grennan has been playing the track on his European tour this year, which includes his career-defining show at London’s O2 Arena back in March.

Grennan is a welcome addition to the growing list of soulful male pop soloists out of Europe, which already includes Lewis Capaldi, Jamie Miller, Cian Ducrot, and many more. Songs like “Amen” and the Calvin Harris-led “By Your Side” introduced him to larger audiences, allowing him to shine vocally and showcase his gruff yet powerful tone.

His biggest hit is, undoubtedly, “Little Bit Of Love,” which, even after only two years, feels like a classic. The same type of grandiose lead/backup vocals and instrumentation as “Amen,” but more radio and playlist friendly. A true contemporary smash that holds up with the hits of Jess Glynne, Clean Bandit, and others.

On “How Does It Feel,” Grennan channels his inner pop-rock vocalist, singing with the kind of gravitas and swag that artists like Luke Spiller of The Struts and Elijah Hewson of Inhaler pull off effortlessly. He does it right out of the gate, hitting the first half of the chorus hard; “’Cause I could be at yours on Friday / Tonight’s at the place we started. It’s a long way back from ‘sorry,’ but here I go / How does it feel? How does it feel?”

The song is, at its core, about a second chance at love. A chance to redeem yourself after you mess things up. “The song is a reflection of a moment in my life when I realized I had let something slip,” he said in a press release. “It’s a reflection on the excitement that comes when you know you have a chance to rebuild.”

He sounds revitalized, flirty, and ready to put himself on the line again: “I’m so glad you came back even through all the pain / Let me try and mend it, I can promise, I swear that I’ve changed / Oh, let me give you all of me/Can we just sort this out for real?”

Expect to hear more of the same upbeat, lively energy on What If’s & Maybe’s, as Grennan has stated the record will be full of it. “For this whole album, I’ve definitely made a conscious decision for it to be a record that people can just dance to. An album people can listen to in their own time, or fans can come to a show, and they can have that sense of escapism.”

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