Photo: Nick Whitmill

Rachel Platten – Girls

Rachel Platten has finally made her jump back into the music industry with her awe-inspiring track “Girls.” This marks her first release in nearly three years. It helms off her upcoming record set to drop later this year.

The soaring ballad is produced by herself alongside Jason Evigan (Zendaya, Selena Gomez) and Gian Stone (Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande).

Just in time for Mother’s Day, “Girls” addresses female power and resilience. Better yet, it’s a letter to her two daughters Sophie and Violet and the lyrics speak to those who need a boost of confidence and hope.

In the press release, Platten reveals, “I was missing my babies while at a recording session and really wanted to write about what it meant to me to be a mom. I started noodling on the piano and humming a melody. I look at songs as if I get to pull a star out of the sky and that is how this felt for me with this song.”

Creating the track, ultimately became a family affair. Platten continues, “I played it for my sister and she really inspired me to finish it. My parents even contributed to the lyrics. My hope is that you can feel the love in it. It’s in 432 Hz, so if all that people say about 432 is true — it should resonate.”

In the opening lines of “Girls”, she sings, “Hope you always know your worth / Though I know life can hurt / Hope you know that you can turn to each other / Hope you learn to trust your voice / Make mistakes and make some noise / Hope you never lose your joy or your hunger.”

In a world where it’s easy to get discouraged or even if those little voices in your head say you aren’t worth it – know that you are. Those feelings you are having are temporary. It’s time you live your life to the fullest extent. Take those chances. Trust your voice. No one is perfect. You are loved always.

The accompanying one-take music video finds the singer/songwriter in an intimate setting performing the song.

“Girls” is a solid comeback track for Platten and will find you sobbing to it when you need it most. Her music has always touched the soul. For anyone who is feeling doubtful about their future or career, this track is for you. For those who just need to hear these lyrics, it’s also for you.