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McFly – God of Rock & Roll

Undoubtedly, McFly are one of the UK’s most successful bands. They have topped charts, sold over 10 million records worldwide, and won numerous awards, all of which will inevitably continue as they plan to bring funky ‘80s rock back to radio-worthy bangers this year. Having officially returned last month with the insanely catchy “Where Did All The Guitars Go?”, a track that perfectly summarises the band’s current mindset and focus, they’ve only gone and done it again with their latest cut, “God of Rock & Roll.”

Cheeky, self-deprecating, and irresistibly catchy, “God of Rock & Roll” is everything that defines McFly with added flair and flamboyance. The all-encompassing track is full of guitar riffs reminiscent of “Corrupted” and “Lies” from 2008’s radio:ACTIVE and lyrically, it reflects the band’s own love for the genre in a fun, pun-intended way. “So tonight there’ll be / No sleep, no dreams / Man, I’m gonna light this place up,” all members alternately sing. “All scream at me / ’cause tonight I’m on fire sliding down on my knees to pray.”

The party rock anthem is a celebration of rock music, which is the focal point of their upcoming record Power To Play, and emphasizes the band’s own love for rock without sounding the slightest bit cringe. “Once we had landed on the fact that we were going to do 80s rock, there was just something in it that had such a McFlyness within it,” the band, consisting of Tom Fletcher (lead vocals, guitar, and piano), Danny Jones (lead vocals, harmonica, and guitar), Dougie Poynter (bass guitar, vocals) and Harry Judd (drums), said in a press release. “High concept, guitars front and center, colorful. It’s all the things we have always loved about music and what we do with this band,” they continue. “It’s a party rock song at its core, but its seed was that if there was a god of rock and roll, we would undoubtedly be worshipping him; a lot of that came from going to shows ourselves,” they add. “We all went to see Green Day, Fall Out Boy, and Weezer last year, and seeing so many people had come to the same place to enjoy rock music was incredible. Rock music celebrates life and having fun, and it feels like we all got deprived of that for such a long time.”

For a band who have scored seven No. 1 singles, released six albums, two of which were chart-toppers, and have played thousands of sold-out shows, the sky’s the limit for McFly; now that they’re back, smashing out guitar riffs reminiscent of 2006’s Motion In The Ocean, there’s nothing they can’t do. McFly are back and life’s never felt better! They even went all out for the music video and covered themselves head to toe in neon-colored body paint.