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Marshmello & Brent Faiyaz – Fell In Love

I think the music industry is pivoting towards the “if you’ve got something to sing, sing it fast and move on” trend. With barely two minutes on the song, Marshmello and Brent Faiyaz told the story they wanted to tell and got on with it. So yeah. Okay, what was the story they told again?

Well, if my lyric-reading skill isn’t entirely rusted up yet, “Fell In Love” is about being in a relationship that’s low-key toxic because it seeks to change you into the version the other person is more comfortable falling in love with. Now, why don’t we take a look at the lyrics together to see if my initial explanation is anywhere near the song’s intended meaning.

You ain’t fall in love with me / You fell in love with the man I could be / You ain’t fall in love with me / You fell in love with your vision of me,” Faiyaz sings in the opening chorus. Now this could go any which way. It could either be that the singer is deceiving his lover into believing in a version of him that doesn’t exist or the lover is deceiving herself to see a version that doesn’t exist.

She said, “Boy, you ain’t no good,” bitch, I know / Fuck I’m ‘posed to do ’bout that? I’m gon’ go / I been movin’ state to state, I went pro (Went pro) / Baby, plenty dough, heavy throat, shit crazy.” From this first verse, we see that the love interest is fully aware of the kind of person he is, she just isn’t satisfied with it.

The second verse continues with the narrative that he doesn’t fit what she wants him to be, as Faiyaz sings, “She said “Boy, who you been with?” “I been low” / Shе says she don’t believе that shit, she think I’m gross / I can’t even hug a bitch, she don’t know / She fightin’ me for the hell of it, I gotta dip, gotta go somewhere.”

“Fell In Love” is a laid-back track with elements of hip-hop and R&B written by Marshmello, Brent Faiyaz, and Chrome Sparks and produced by Marshmello and Chrome Sparks. Released on May 5, the single is accompanied by a music video directed by Christian Breslauer and featuring Marshmellow, Brent Faiyaz, and two actresses.

The single was teased by Marshmello on social media with a 17-second video of Faiyaz laughing with the actress from the music video. The song was well-received by fans, who totally vibed with the song’s message and its catchy tune.