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Maisie Peters – Two Weeks Ago

The Good Witch is wishing the world could rewind to two weeks ago so that she can tell someone how she truly feels about them. Like the rest of the songs on this album, “Two Weeks Ago” was written in real-time during her whirlwind 2022 tour schedule and acts as a time capsule for her feelings, enabling her to preserve the memories of a time when her career was reaching new highs while her mental health was taking a hit.

“Two Weeks Ago” is Peters wishing that she had the courage to say what she wanted to say, act like she wanted to, and freely feel whatever she wanted to feel when she was with a love interest. “I wish we kissed when we first wanted / And we didn’t miss all the time we did / When we said goodbye, wish I hadn’t let go / And I wish it was two weeks ago,” she sings in the somber reflective track.

Throughout the song, we see her regret the moments she let pass, the things she could have said but swallowed, the places they could have gone, or the pictures they could have taken. These moments of regret are wrapped up in the fond recollections of a love that was perfect when it hadn’t ended.

“This song is the epitome of bittersweet – I wrote it post-heartbreak when I just kept wishing it was two weeks ago. It’s about the drive to the airport when you can’t stop crying, and wishing you’d told someone how you felt when you felt it,” she revealed on her social media pages. “I got my dear friend, Gretta Ray, to sing backing vocals on it and she truly bought it a whole other level – I almost choked up on the bus when I heard her arrangements. :’) This song is sweet and sad and pure and maybe one of the most simple [songs] I’ve ever written.”

For the songs on this album, Peters drew inspiration from Greek mythology and Western movies to weave The Good Witch‘s theme of love and heartbreak, and the infinite complexities associated with them.

Fans quickly related to the song’s message, which heavily dwelled on how we can start to miss things we used to take for granted when we no longer have them.

Peters penned “Two Weeks Ago” with long-time collaborators and producers Brad Ellis (Anne-Marie, Jorja Smith) and Jez Ashurst (OneRepublic), with the latter two producing the track.