Lauren Spencer Smith – That Part 

“That Part” is Lauren Spencer Smith taking a bold step away from the songs she’s come to be recognized with since she started making music. It’s so different from her other projects so far that fans can’t help but notice and comment on it. But it’s a good difference, and while fans are pointing out her bold new era, they’re also loving it.

The beautiful pop ballad sees the 19-year-old jump headfirst into imagining what a life with her love interest would be like just a year into their relationship. I think it’s something many people – especially teens – will relate to, because, as humans, we can’t help but plan what the future will be like in our heads.

And as Smith tells us in the lyrics, “I hate the middle, let’s skip to the part / When you kiss me.” And no, she’s not talking about any everyday kiss, she’s talking about the one couples do in front of the altar.

I love the fantastical air she gives to the song in the second chorus, singing, “The only way this is gonna hurt / Is if we got old and you were the one to go first / So I’m wishing on elevens / That we both meet up in Heaven / And fall in love again, just like the first time.” So basically everything she sees in a life with her boyfriend just comes up happy.

“I never thought in a million years I would be putting out a love song to be honest. I was so scared to even tease it based upon the fact we’ve built such a brand on “sad”. Love means so many different things to so many people, of all ages. It can come and go, but everyone deserves to feel real love no matter the form,” she shared on social media, explaining the reason she came to love the song so and how she feels it can impact the lives of listeners.

“So whether you’re in a loving relationship past or present, or haven’t experienced that yet, I hope you can blast this song through your house and it fills the room with happiness. I hope this song shows you that you deserve to be loved deeply and by someone who treats you the way you deserve, even if that someone is yourself.”

She goes on to add that she’s found a steady and loving relationship with “Matt” and that she wishes the same for others.

This single is coming on the heels of the announcement of her debut album Mirror, due July 14th.