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Kylie Minogue – Padam Padam

Does anybody flirt better than Kylie Minogue when she wants to? In her latest single, the artist confidently tells someone she met in a club that she hears his heart going “Padam Padam” at her sight, so he must want her (mem. browse how to get Minogue’s confidence in “Padam Padam”). Should we also try to figure out what makes someone fun to Minogue ’cause I bet the study and the findings will prove most interesting. But let’s leave that for another day. Today, we’ve got “Padam Padam” and Tension – Minogue’s sixteenth studio album – to dissect.

“Padam Padam” serves two purposes: to put you in the mood for romance and to get you on the dancefloor. And the video is not misleading in that aspect. Filled with dancers all dressed in flaming red – it’s been said that red is the color of passion – Minogue, in equally flaming red attires, sometimes a catsuit, danced herself through a roadside motel, diner, and a car yard.


“’Cause I can hear your heart beatin’ / Padam Padam, I hear it and I know / Padam, padam, I know you wanna take me home / Padam, and take off all my clothes,” she sings in the chorus of the upbeat techno-pop track.

“Padam Padam” is the lead single from Minogue’s upcoming album, set to be released on September 22, and was officially dropped on May 18 after its premiere on BBC Radio 2 during The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. The single is penned by Ina Wroldsen and LOSTBOY, and produced by LOSTBOY.

Speaking on what the album will stand for, Minogue said, “I started this album with an open mind and a blank page. Unlike my last two albums there wasn’t a ‘theme’; it was about finding the heart or the fun or the fantasy of that moment and always trying to service the song. I wanted to celebrate each song’s individuality and to dive into that freedom. I would say it’s a blend of personal reflection, club abandon and melancholic high.”

For the record, she worked with her past collaborators, Biff Stannard and Duck Blackwell on seven of the eleven tracks. “I loved being back in the studio with my collaborators but was also able to benefit from remote recording, which we have all got used to – my mobile studio never left my side for a year and a half,” she said.

She further revealed that the album is a mix of songs she wrote, and of those others have written that she found relatable.