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Kelly Clarkson – favorite kind of high

I dare you to not dance when listening to Kelly Clarkson’s new upbeat pop song “favorite kind of high.” Clarkson first teased fans of the single 6 days ahead of its release date. On release day, however, she upped the treat by releasing a live performance of the song where she raised the roof with her totally insane vocals.

Live at the Belasco Theater, Clarkson shared the message behind the “sexy-ass” song by revealing that it’s not one of those “sad I got divorced and my life sucks dumpster fire record” – there are some of those on the album, in case you’re wondering – but it’s about the kickstart of a relationship. She added that she wanted the song to be about that moment when you run into someone, feel that spark, and start hoping they’re single. And we do love those “highs,” don’t we?

“favorite kind of high” isn’t for the shy types or the “let’s take it slow” ones, not when it screams “let’s get right into action.”

Take me home tonight, kiss me how you like / I’ve been waitin’ for you (Ooh) / I know you ain’t shy, well, neither am I / What you waitin’ for? Yeah,” she sings in the first verse of a burning desire to get right into things.

The chorus continues taking us on a journey of passion, as Clarkson sings, “You’re my favorite kind of high / Rushin’ through me like a fire / And I need you to know / I say I won’t, but I do / When it comes to lovin’ you / I don’t have no control / You’re my favorite kind of high.

The track is written by Kelly Clarkson, Carly Rae Jensen, and Jesse Shatkin, with the latter producing the track. The track is Clarkson realizing that even if a relationship ended, there are still some good moments in it enough to not think it is a total waste of time and energy.

“favorite kind of high” is the seventh track from Clarkson’s upcoming album Chemistry – out July 28. The time of the album’s release coincides with Clarkson’s exclusive Las Vegas engagement, “Chemistry…an intimate night with Kelly Clarkson,” at Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Speaking of the album, Clarkson said: “Having chemistry with someone is an incredible, and overwhelming, feeling. It’s like you have no choice in the matter. You are just drawn to each other. This can be good and bad. This album takes you down every path that chemistry could lead you down.”

In the words of Clarkson, “I love that song, I’m just like aaaahhhh…!!!”