Jack Harlow – They Don’t Love It

Okay, the second-best white rapper since Eminem, at least according to said rapper, is back! With ten songs that address his time in the spotlight, the lessons he learned along the way, and the change he’s bringing to the industry, Jack Harlow wants to re-establish his dominance as a prominent player in the entertainment industry. And you won’t find him being modest about it either.

Appearing on his latest album, Jackman., the one-minute fifty-three-second song touches on different aspects of the growth he went through since his first claim to fame. “I been smooth for so long, I’m tryna get rough / Fuck buffin’ my nails, dawg, I’m tryna get buff / Fuck shapin’ my beard up, I’m likin’ the scruff,” he raps about the change his body has gone through in the years since his breakthrough. He follows it up with his dreams about his future, “Can’t imagine that I’m gon’ meet my wife in the club/We gon’ see though, I feel like she more of a CEO / Or maybe she doin’ volunteer work in Rio / It’s not like I need her but I would love to meet her.”

He then goes on to talk about the things that matter most to him as he navigates fame, wealth, and the industry: “I don’t play goalie but I’m my brother’s keeper / Surrounded by family, I’m not with other people / They say I got my pops demeanor and mothers features / The garden still private as ever, the gang thrivin’ together.”

He again pivots and talks about his growing success as he brags, “Ya boy’s strivin’ to be the most dominant ever / The hardest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters (little clue here: he means Eminem) / And hold the comments ’cause I promise you I’m honestly better than whoever came to your head right then.”

In case he hasn’t made it clear how dominant he is, he goes on to talk about how he’s now bigger than those he used to look up to. He also gave a sweet shout-out to his hometown in the track. FYI, the Louisville native is set to be honored in his hometown with a “Hometown Heroes” banner in Louisville, KY, next week.

The hip-hop/rap track is penned by Jack Harlow, Hollywood Cole, and Rev. Timothy Wright, and produced by Hollywood Cole. In addition to the album, Harlow will be making his acting debut this Spring in the remake of the cultural classic, “White Men Can’t Jump.”