Galantis & JVKE – Fool 4 U (feat. Enisa)

“Fool 4 U” is here to brighten up our summer with its catchy tune and memorable hook. Even though it’s from three artists who are still fighting to be at the top of their game, the single has all the makings of a hit.

Been here before, starin’ in your eyes / I can see through the lies and behind them / Promise ourselves it’s different this time / Yeah, we play with the fire ’til we burnin’,” JVKE sings in the first verse of the Galantis-produced track. While the lyrics aren’t exactly top-notch, the production is really commendable.

The song was teased by Enisa on her TikTok account, where fans expressed their joy to be getting new music from the artist and to have a new bop to dance along to. Shared on March 24, the clip showed Enisa singing her part in the song, which goes, “Asleep or awake, admit I stayed, I / I don’t know where to go, don’t know who I am / I’m losin’ my faith, bend ’til I break, I / I know I shoulda run when I had the chance,” in front of a set of drums.

Formerly a duo until Style of Eye exited in 2017, Galantis has been making hits that’s put them on the map as major electro house, progressive house, and electropop producers, even earning them hits with the likes of Little Mix and David Guetta. Over the years, Galantis’ style has continued to evolve, with the duo finding their original sound very early on. The approach saw them build a track up with a simple arrangement, before adding stirring keyboards, monumental drums, imploring vocals, and inventive flourishes.

“We keep the song naked, and when we feel like we have the right one, we put some clothes on it and see how it feels,” Karlson once revealed in an interview about their creative process. “We realized, this is Galantis, this is our band,” Karlsson adds.

During another interview with Billboard, Karlson added: “We always start with the song. We use guitar, piano, and bass lines we don’t keep to figure out which clothes we’re going to put on each melody and lyric. I think that’s different than a lot of others in the dance scene. They have a beat they love and then force a top line on top of it. I feel like that makes it sound like a remix. I’d rather do it our way, it’s more fun too.”