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Conor Maynard – Storage

The versatile Brit star explores common but often unspoken themes of love and loss on "Storage"

After enjoying some mainstream success with breakout single “Can’t Say No,” Conor Maynard would go on to become a staple on YouTube with a mix of engaging and creative content that included both originals and covers. He often joined forces with friend and collaborator Anth for rap-sung versions of songs like “Pillowtalk” by ZAYN and “Hello” by Adele, and, later, with other artists such as Alex Aiono and Hrvy for his popular “Sing-Off” series.

Maynard, whether performing his own material or taking on someone else’s, always nailed the emotions he meant to convey with his raspy, gritty delivery and impressive vocal range. Well over a decade into his career, he continues to do that with new song “Storage,” along with two additional tracks off his album +11 Hours, out June 9th.

“Storage,” the primary track of the three, is an intimate piano-driven ballad that, according to Maynard, deals with emotions far deeper than feelings of post-relationship grief. “’Storage’ is about having the capacity to contain various, irrelevant, but ultimately incredible, personal, and beautiful memories when you’re in a relationship,” he said in a press release. “Once that ends, your brain holds onto all of the information and fixates on those tiny little things that didn’t really make a difference at the time, but now all they do is consume your so-called ‘storage’ of your brain.”

The music video, a simple yet poignant one-shot piece, shows Maynard in physical and emotional shambles, effectively portraying the sadness of the lyric; “I try to say I’m fine / But there’s no room for nothing else inside my mind / I can’t forget the way I felt / Wish I could ignore it / Cause it’s not important.”

The other two tracks on the short preview of the record are “By Your Side” and “If I Ever,” both previously released. “By Your Side,” an incredibly infectious pop-dance tune with an instrumental similar to Justin Bieber’s underrated faith-driven track “Where U Go I Follow,” is the best of the trio, highlighting Maynard’s strength as a vocalist and his ability to carry what is a very musically busy tune.

“If I Ever,” a breezy electro tune with massive pop radio potential, rounds out the trio. Maynard, as ubiquitous and versatile a vocalist as Bieber and even The Weeknd, effortlessly changes his vocal approach to fit the quieter, subtle pop tone needed for the track.

Be sure to check out +11 Hours, Maynard’s anticipated return to a full project of originals after a decade, when it drops June 9th.