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Conan Gray – Never Ending Song

Conan Gray wants fans to dance into summer with his new eighties-inspired single, “Never Ending Song.” The upheat track serves as the 24-year-old’s lead single off his upcoming third studio album and was originally teased on Conan Gray’s and Food Heaven Grocery’s Instagram accounts.

First, I’ll say, “I apologize for calling / But I saw your face in a magazine today / Wasn’t you, too late, all my tears already fallin’ / Tried to turn the page, but our story wasn’t stoppin’,” Gray sings in the first verse about a love that keeps haunting him even though it has since ended. The second verse sees him mourn the time he spent trying to make the relationship work, as he sings, “You and I sacrificed my adolescence / Just to waste my time on the edges of your life / But we’ve grown too close, now it can’t amount to nothin’ / I can hear your voice in the music on the radio.”

In a press release, the star also provided more insight into the song’s heartbreaking message, “It’s about a tale as old as time and something we’ve all gone through, which is a painful tumultuous relationship that just never seems to die no matter how many times you kill it. The story just drags on and on. Maybe that’s by design, or maybe you secretly don’t want it to ever end. I’ve always enjoyed disguising my sadness inside of upbeat music. It’s how I’ve handled life. I never like to take myself too seriously—life is painful enough as is.”

In reality, “Never Ending Song,” is actually 2 minutes and 36 seconds long, but catchy enough that you might find yourself hitting replay way too many times. Don’t forget to do the slick dance as you listen.

The accompanying music video sees the star go into a supermarket that’s ten minutes away from closing time and dance his way through the aisles. “I wanted the ‘Never Ending Song’ music video to be the example of what we all wish we could do when our favorite song comes on. You’re snapped into your own little world, where suddenly everything feels like a music video,” Gray said in a press release. “Your walk falls into the beat, your outfit feels a little cooler— you just want to sing along.”

He added: “I’ve had so many moments in life where I’ve been at a grocery store, in school, anywhere in public and just desperately wanted to break into a full blown lip-sync dance break, but couldn’t. ‘Never Ending Song’ is that kind of song.”