Allegra – Round & Round (Tiësto Remix)

Tastemaking DJ and hot shot producer Tiësto joins forces with London’s pop sensation Allegra on their new club classic “Round & Round.”

You’ll know him from his bonafide, sweltering hot hits with Ava Max, Charli XCX, and KAROL G, but now Tiësto is elevating his craft even further with “Round & Round”, a delicious offering that will soon crown Allegra as the new princess of the dancefloor.

To no one’s surprise, the jaw-dropping remix continues Tiësto’s winning streak of radio-ready anthems that simultaneously blur the lines of hard club music and sweaty beats, producing the perfect blend of floor filler pop that go on to smash any and all dance charts.

“Poor you / Still don’t understand that boy it’s over / Jokes on you / ‘Cause now you’re on my phone asking for closure / ‘Cause thoughts of me go round and round your head,” Allegra sings over an addictive, heavy-pounding chorus. Her raspy vocals and fierce attitude dripped all over the pounding basslines.

“Round & Round” follows a string of rhythmic releases for the London-based artist, including 2022’s sunkissed “Amazing,” the sultry “He Ain’t You” plus “If You Wanna Love Me,” 2021’s disco-tinged ditty that demonstrates Allegra’s ability to turn each genre on its head and come out the other side with a glimmering banger that will undeniably go down a storm on the dancefloor.

Accompanying this remixed release is the hotly choreographed music video wherein Allegra and her all-star team of dancers ferociously hit each beat of the track; the industrial backdrops and high fashion costumes only add further layers to the already showstopping visual.

For those that are still unfamiliar with the irresistible creations from Allegra, she’s slowly been crawling her way upwards of the music industry, with each syncopating bop further driving her towards commercial success. Since her debut single release “All About Us” hit a spectacular #2 position on the UK’s official Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart back in 2021, its been nothing short of chart success since, with a Top 10 position on the US Billboard Dance Chart also under her belt.

Up until this moment, Allegra has been ticking all the right boxes. With each release of hers, we witness the artist propelling towards greater heights, achieving unimaginable targets, and collaborating with the utmost icons of today’s music. If “Round & Round” is anything to go by, we expect the hypnotic singer’s future releases to fully cement her star status. Best believe our eyes are peeled.