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YONAKA – Welcome to My House

Hot off 2022, breakthrough band YONAKA are ready to take it to the next step as they announce their highly awaited EP Welcome to My House and release the soaring, enticing title track. 

Quietly emerging in the background of music, and becoming the next generational band of this year (comprised of singer Theresa Jarvis, bassist Alex Crosby, and guitarist George Werbrouck-Edwards), fans are invited to their world of hard alt-indie and tales of their life. Their latest single, “Welcome to My House,” surprisingly being a hoot to dance to as the addictive, airy synths glitch between the theatrical chorus alongside the helping hand of specifically chosen lyrics “Welcome to my house / I’m lazy like a sedative / Welcome to my house / I’m ugly like the seven sins / Welcome to my house / I’m broken like my heritage / Wеlcome to my house (Yeah, yеah) / Welcome to my house (My house),” established trio strut through a work of rock magic. 

Evident above that Yonaka doesn’t hide away from emotion and heavy catharsis of experiences, listeners earworm through a blend of genres that emphasize the themes of mental health, empowerment, and the social-political world we live in. And whilst their previous work proved to be liked by their fans and many more around, this time Yonaka have a few eyes watching them, and we might be one of them. 

Speaking on their upcoming EP and new single, frontwoman Jarvis stated: “Each song represents a memory or emotion inside me. The experiences I have gone through have all spent time inside my house and consumed me. With the EP being called Welcome To My House, visually, I want listeners to be able to open up a door, come into my world and see what each song meant to me at that specific time in my life.”

Accompanied by the striking official visualizer, fans are presented with the flanking, stylish Jarvis, who takes center stage as Crosby and Werbrouck – Edwards continues to circle within the black drop whilst the frontwoman side eyes to the camera and puts every ounce of emotion and truth from the track on full display.

With the release of their EP just around the corner and followed by a suite of live dates across the summer, Yonaka continues to prepare for a year that could turn out to be a turning point in their career as they take on world domination. 

Listen to “Welcome to My House” on Spotify below: