The Weeknd – Double Fantasy (feat. Future)

The Idol does not premiere on HBO until June, but fans have a sneak peek of the upcoming TV show with The Weekend’s new song “Double Fantasy” featuring Future. Abel Tesfaye, who goes professionally by The Weeknd, is a co-creator of The Idol and will star in the series alongside Lily-Rose Depp. While the verdict is still out on whether The Idol will be a hit, “Double Fantasy” is a magnetic yet slightly underwhelming addition to The Weeknd’s discography.

“Double Fantasy” opens with a suggestive saxophone tune which leads into the song’s main production. Like most popular songs released by The Weeknd, the artist sings of being a toxic lover. And yet, it’s acceptable because of how well it works. The Weeknd’s trademark pained vocals elicit a type of nostalgic pang that other singers haven’t been able to emulate on the same level.

Baby girl, I can tell that you think that I’m right for you / I already know that it’s not true, but girl I’ll lie to you / Even though it’s wrong / It’s wrong,” The Weekend sings in “Double Fantasy.”

The most memorable parts of “Double Fantasy” are the pre-choruses and The Weekend’s first verse. In these parts, the singer’s voice is the most hypnotic and effortlessly blends with the catchy production.

The pitfalls of “Double Fantasy” are the song’s choruses and Future’s verse. During each chorus, the lyrics primarily consist of repeated “It’s wrong” and “Ooh,” resulting in a drop in energy. Future’s verse does not take away from the song, but it also does not add to it.

I sent you an envelope, came with a poem / You possess venom, that came with a charm / You get the good out me when I perform / I know the bad in you, that’s what I want,” Future raps.

A music video for “Double Fantasy” stars both The Weeknd and Depp in what can be assumed are different scenes from The Idol. In the HBO show, Depp will play a rising pop star named Jocelyn while The Weeknd will be Jocelyn’s influential love interest, Tedros. The music video for “Double Fantasy” features plenty of suggestive scenes, but the ones that seem to foreshadow The Idol the most feature Jocelyn and Tedros physically apart while Tedros watches her intently.

Overall, “Double Fantasy” is a song that one would come to expect from The Weeknd. It’s catchy and pulls you in at times, but nothing about it expands on the singer’s talent.