The Kid Laroi – Where Does Your Spirit Go?

The Kid Laroi may have just released his most vulnerable track to date with “Where Does Your Spirit Go?” – a tribute to Juice Wrld. Sad fact: The Kid Laroi was on the flight with Juice Wrld that December when he OD’d and some of those disturbing memories made it into the lines of “Where Does Your Spirit Go?”

“To all my loved ones who didn’t make it, forever in my heart. I will never forget you,” the words on the cover image of the song reads. It is said to be an acknowledgement of Juice Wrld and Saiko; friends he had when he was yet trying to find his footing in the entertainment industry.

Before its April 21 release, The Kid Laroi first teased the track during a Coachella set. In an Instagram post shared earlier, the 19-year-old explained the reason he penned the powerful tear-jerking ballad, writing, “it’s about loss, grieving and dealing with the thoughts and emotions that come with that. I pray for all of you who are going through something similar currently and I hope this helps you feel a little less alone in all of it.”

The Australian star kicked off the track with emotional lines describing what it’s like to lose a loved one and know they’re never coming back. Towards the end of the first verse, he talked about the very ugly feeling of watching someone’s eyes blank out in death, singing, “And I saw the look on your face / When it changed and you weren’t lookin’ back / No comin’ back.”

The chorus comes in to tell us that some days are different for him as he processes the grief of being by a friend’s side during their final moments, “Numb today, but tomorrow I’ll feel it / Truth is worse every time that I hear it / Know you’re gone but tell me, where did your spirit go?”

As one of the last people who saw Juice Wrld alive, he adds, “All the things I wish I would’ve said before you took your last breath / How’d you build me up just to leave me now?”

On December 16, 2021, The Kid Laroi addressed Juice Wrld’s death for the first time in a documentary, saying, “He was so ill. I was just sitting there panicking. I was like, ‘What the fuck?’ Then the police came over to us and handcuffed us all. They handcuffed us in a line and they were like, ‘Get the fuck away from him!’”