The Band CAMINO – What Am I Missing?

The Tennessee rockers drop their second straight single on the 21st of a month for the first time.

Exactly two months on from their first follow-up single to their debut album, Tennessee indie rockers The Band CAMINO is back with their second above-average BPM track in a row “What Am I Missing?” The pattern of releases marks the first time the group has dropped consecutive singles on the same day of the month (February 21st and April 21st) – two years on from their self-titled debut, it will be interesting to see how they find a way to tie in the number 21 into this release cycle.

Coming in at just under 3 minutes, the breakup song comes off similar to a therapy appointment in a scripted television drama, chronicling the process of grieving the relationship through a poetic post-mortem venting session, where only one party in the previous romance is doing the mourning. “What am I missin’ you for? / don’t even know anymore / lately it’s been twenty-four / seven on this tug of war / still haven’t slept in a week / I can’t get up off the floor / it’s not like you’re missin’ me” sings Jeffrey Jordan of the dearly departed connection in which correspondence has ceased, much to the chagrin of the orator.

Sonically, the track is a nice recovery from the aforementioned first single of this run, as “Told You So” was so drastic of a foray into this new CAMINO era, some fans were jarred by the experience instead of impressed – an odd situation for a group that has the rare ability to have a very high percentage of their tracks ‘hit.’ The track’s topography is more akin to the vibe found on their self-titled debut album, driven by smooth, orderly guitar and drums that pick their spots to increase their volume, at junctures that fit.

Promotionally, the band released a video of a “rehearsal take” two days prior to the release day, of the playing the track earlier in April, captured on a spinning camera as the group sit in a circle in a Barron room adorned with little more than their instruments and what appear to be Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps. The group also teased the track on their social media channels throughout the month leading up to the drop.

“What Am I Missing?” performed well over the weekend, collecting just under 400k Spotify streams to go along with the combined video views between the ‘rehearsal take’ and the lyrics video that accompanied the release that topped 55k.