SZA – Kill Bill (feat. Doja Cat)

SZA has just recruited Doja Cat to spice up her runaway track of 2022, which, even after its massive success and positive fan reception, and critical acclaim, was a spot shy of reaching the summit. FYI, fans are hoping this new version with Doja will finally claim the top spot that was shockingly denied the original.

Hours before its release, the stars teased the collab on Twitter in the cutest way possible with Doja Cat sharing, “.@sza sis… I did something bad.” SZA reshared the tweet, writing, “Jesus… what is it?” Hours later, “Kill Bill” remix would drop and fans would get to hear Doja Cat sing of killing her ex’s girlfriend, even though the one she originally meant to kill was the ex.

Fans were especially awed by how Doja Cat took advantage of less than a minute rap to paint a story in the minds of listeners. Starting off by telling us what led her to her ex’s house in the first place, she raps, “I’m in a funk, so I bought a bouquet of roses / And cut ’em up at your doorstep, your new neighborhood is gorgeous.” She would go on to describe how seeing her ex kiss his new girl in the kitchen would make her barge in, scaring the girlfriend, leading to some confused scenes that ended with the girlfriend falling to the floor because she fired a shot.

Doja’s rap conflicts a little with the song, especially the line where SZA sings “Oh / I just killed my ex, not the best idea (Idea) / Killed his girlfriend next, how’d I get here?” So uh… In Doja’s version, the girlfriend was the first to take the shot, while SZA tells us the ex got it first.

In a year where Shakira and Karol G have sent a Latin song to the top of the global chart – a first for an all-Latin song! – it’s easy to see that 2023 is strong in girl power collabs. Fun fact: Doja’s masterful collaboration with SZA on SOS could have happened sooner, and on a different and original track, but for some complications during the time of SOS‘s production.

“She had surgery, she had to have that emergency, like, vocal cord surgery and she wasn’t ready in the time that we needed to get the song done,” SZA told HOT 97 last year. “There was a crossfire between, I think, her management and my management and they had told us it was done, but it wasn’t actually done.”

“There was a crossfire between, I think, her management and my management and they had told us it was done, but it wasn’t actually done. It was just a lot of confusion but don’t know. I hope for the best, and I’m still, like, a major fan of her and her artistry. And I think she’s so incredible and I would love to get her on the deluxe [version].”