Olivia Dean – Dive

London-based Olivia Dean is fastly becoming the star she deserves as she announces her debut album, Messy, alongside the release of “Dive”; a track that takes us back to her rooted, divine sounds. 

Following the successes of her most recent singles, “UFO” and “Danger,” Dean continues to tease an album that is becoming clear to be her latest honest work to date. And “Dive” is no exception, as Dean is determined to defy her own identity within the up-and-down world of music. Embracing the freedom and acceptance of life, love, and the messy reality of growth, “Dive” tells the story of finally taking that step into the deep end. Fortified by the nostalgic horns and twinkling production, listeners weave through a backdrop of pop jazz connected by refreshing lyrics. 

Continuing to be true to herself and representing her ongoing growth in life, Olivia Dean explains what to expect from her upcoming album and shares: “Going into making the record, I’d just done this ‘Growth’ project. And for ages, I was like, well, my debut album needs to be what I’ve grown into, I need to have the answer. And that really confused me for a while. Then I realized, I’m always going to be growing. So this doesn’t have to be a destination, it’s just where I’m at now.”

She added: “It’s funny because I think it’s the most fine-tuned I’ve got my sound to be, but also the most carefree I’ve been in actually making music… some of it’s quite vulnerable, but it was just made out of pure fun and joy and unbotheredness, and I think I’ve done a good job with calling it Messy because if anybody says it’s all over the place, I’ll be like, yeah!”

Whilst we are not treated to an official video, Dean has been enjoying the rays of live gigs and proves why everyone should see her this summer with the latest rendition of “Dive,” live from her sold-out show KOKO.

Already a large following behind her back and from one hit to the next, Dean is ready to dive (pun not intended) into her next chapter, as her debut album, Messy, will give her a helping step into stardom. And we will be watching every step of the way, but for now, we continue to enjoy the rays of her latest work and one that proves to show off an artist that already knows her element.