Noah Cyrus & Vance Joy – Everybody Needs Someone

I think we’re now in an era where we can expect hopeful songs from Noah Cyrus. As the first piece of music that we get to hear from the star this year, It’s not hard to see why “Everybody Needs Someone” was chosen to be the perfect start. It has a nostalgic air to it that makes you think of gowns, overalls, and a home next to farmland – you know, the good old days. The song is the kind of pop that would definitely appeal to country fans. The tune, though unique, subtly reminds me of Cyrus’s other song, “July” – which you should totally listen to if you haven’t, just saying.

We’ve already seen one Cyrus dominate the charts this year, can this younger one hope to match it?

“Everybody Needs Someone” is her first song following the whirlwind of loss, heartbreak, and redemption that inspired her last studio album, The Hardest Part. The same notions of self-love and understanding also inspired the deluxe tracks that quickly followed. In an interview, Cyrus described how everyone who cared about her rallied around her to help her get over her severe addiction. She also recalled depending on them heavily as she fought to get back on her own two feet. The pain and uncertainty of those times leaked into her music, giving the songs on The Hardest Part the melancholic mood that we feel when listening to the project.

But Cyrus is past that stage, and with “Everybody Needs Someone,” she, and her collaborator Vance Joy, promise to love whoever loves them enough. “Take my hand if you can take me as I am / And take my love, if you can love me that’s enough / That’s enough,” she sings in the chorus.

“Some nights you let your guard down / When the morning comes round you come round too / But if you could see us from a distance / You’d know I’ve always been so close to you,” Joy sings in the second verse of what it’s like being a devoted lover to someone who is still sitting on the fence. In a style that’s become reminiscent of Cyrus whenever she brings on a collaborator, their voices beautifully blend and separate for the rest of the song.

As the song nears its end, we hear Cyrus and Joy alternate the lines, “Take my hand if you can take me as I am / Take my love, if you can love me that’s enough.”

“Everybody Needs Someone” is the kind of music I’d love to see scale the charts, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. This is the kind of good music most people tend to ignore.