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Niall Horan – Meltdown

Niall Horan literally sent fans into a frenzy when he dropped his latest single “Meltdown” – the second single off his upcoming album The Show.

Praised by fans as the perfect anthem to have on repeat throughout summer and beyond, the song is about being with someone and supporting them through their lowest points. For Horan, music has always been his best tool to deal with his issues, and that is why he’s giving fans the same thing through his cathartic songs. The Irish singer-songwriter is not afraid to bare his heart in his songs, and I dare say that fans love that about him.

Speaking about the reason for the song’s existence in a press release, he said, “Whenever I’m having some kind of issue, the easiest thing is to sit at the piano and let it all out, and it’s not until I listen back that I realize, ‘Jesus, that was honest.’”

On Friday, April 28, Horan celebrated the song’s release by giving fans a more in-depth explanation of the song’s meaning in a video shared on social media. “It’s a song about that panicky moment of feeling a little bit anxious and [you’re] not sure if you’re going to get out of it, but kinda knowing deep down that you will. I think we can all relate to that and I hope you do.”

Even though fans wished it was a bit longer, they still enjoyed the song due to its message that a bad day is not the end of the world. As Horan sings in the song, “Just know this too shall pass.” When you’re having a meltdown, “Talkin’ to yourself (Yeah) in the bathroom / Losin’ your mind in the mirror like you have to (Yeah) / Screamin’ in your car (Yeah) in the driveway / Spinnin’ out, think your life’s goin’ sideways (Yeah),” Horan’s going to be there.

I believe that this song isn’t only speaking to the person who’s having a meltdown, but also to those around the person to let them know that they have a responsibility to be there for the person because they’re going to get better. So, basically, Horan killed two birds with one stone with this song.

Written by Horan, Amy Allen, Joel Little, and John Ryan, and produced by John Ryan and Joel Little, the track has automatically found a home in the hearts of fans.

“Meltdown” is his second offering from an album that is said to explore “a deeply felt meditation on everything from mental health to the infinite complexity and uncertainty of love.”